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The Blog Takeover…

  1. Kelly says:

    That is so funny. Been there done that. Now I have teenagers doing the same thing just different songs and they still scream. Gotta love it or you will kill them! I always think of Bill Cosby who said “I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it”

  2. Holly Epperson says:

    My ultimate car ride story was driving to Tazewell TN before the 4 lane highway was built. I was driving a dodge intrepid with my two small kids in car seat and booster seat. The roads are quite hilly and curvy. I was afraid my kids whom were used to the flat lands of SD would get sick on the roads. So every time we went up and down the mountain I would say kids were on a roller coaster. Hold your hands in the air as we go down the mountain. I never heard so much laughter in my life from my kids. They would scream make it go faster mommy!

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  4. Kelly, are you telling me it never ends? Okay, I knew it did, I think I was just in denial about it. Sigh.

  5. Liz says:

    I so remember those days! Wait until they are all teenagers – it only gets more fun!! LOL!

  6. Sarah Amos says:

    I got an early lesson on how fast kids are growing up nowadays. My son was about 8 and I had picked him up after school. As we were driving down the road, he wanted to know if he could get some gum out of my purse. Well, it just happened to be one of the days I had some “female” items in there. I told him that I would get it because I had somethings in there that he didn’t need to see. As cool as a cucumber he asked “oh, is it your time of the month?” I almost ran off the road…….

  7. bn100 says:

    Fun story. Don’t have any stories about kids fighting.

  8. Kris says:

    First — Note to self, do not let kids have chance to pick music in car..

    My girls are 8, 5, and 3. So two are in harnessed car seats, and the oldest in a backless booster. So 8 year old in middle, because putting the 5 and 3 year old anywhere close to each other reduces both to tears in seconds because they can’t help but antagonize each other.

    Anyways almost all of our car trips result in my saying to all three girls “Do not talk to, look at, breathe on, sing to, touch, whisper, glare, kick, hit, or anything that remotely resembles any of the above to your sisters.”

    My middle daughters favorite thing is to hold her finger a half inch away from her sister while declaring “I’m not touching you”

    Then we get the “Mom, she’s breathing on me” “Mom, she looked at me funny.” “Mom she’s singing and I don’t want to hear it”

    Of course my favorite semi-argument from the backseat was when my 5 year old told her sister she was going to autograph her notebook. 8 year old says “I don’t want your autograph” 5 year old responds “Well one day you will. And then I won’t give it to you.”

    Loads of fun with these 3.

    • Jennifer says:

      Oh, Kris, please visit me more often! You could be on stand up that is so typical of three children together. My boys’ conversations are off the charts ridiculous. My oldest once sniped to my youngest that he would never be a superhero because they weren’t real. My youngest sniffed and said, “Well, when I become Batman and kick your butt you’ll regret that.” Priceless! Thanks for stopping in!

      • Kris says:

        I will totally be back. LOL

        Aww. I love that story. I nannied twin boys who sniped at each other stuff like that all the time. Then I had all girls.

        My middle daughter insists she’s going to be Famous someday. She has yet to inform any of us what she’s going to be famous for though.

    • OMG – Kris, we have the exact same carseat breakdown and this is the *exact* reason we got a car with a third row. We put DS1 in the back row and separate the other two in the second row so no one can touch each other. They still find ways to do it – with the seatbelts, with toys, with whatever – but it’s much more difficult. One time we had to put DS1 back in the second row because we had too much luggage in the trunk (long road trip), and I nearly drove off the road numerous times because they were screaming so much!!

      • Kris says:

        I can only imagine how great it is to be able to do that Elisabeth.

        When we go for a new vehicle, the very first thing I am demanding is a 3rd row. It is SO blissful when the older two are in school and I’m only driving around with one! I try to do most of my running around while they are at school so I can avoid these little incidents.

  9. Lucinda cope land says:

    I love your books

  10. Lucinda cope land says:

    Lovey or books

  11. Maybelline says:

    I can totally relate to the mommy stories… I have two boys ages 5 and 6 and they can either make me feel like pulling my hair out or extremely happy. Their shenanigans are epic. I honestly think my 5 y/o might be a lawyer when he grows up, he has an argument for everything. One time, as we were pulling out from the garage he asks my husband, “Papi, where are we going?” My husband (using the guy answer) says: “we are going in the car”. Our son replied: “I know we’re going in the car, Papi, but ‘where’ –as in a place–are we going”? Needless to say, it was very hard for me to keep a straight face and not laugh at his comment.

    • We have one like that t0o. When you ask him to do something, it’s not the final word; it’s the start of a negotiation. Us: DS2, please wash your hands for dinner. Him: 5 more minutes. Us: Now. Him: 3 more minutes. Us: Now! Him: Fine. Just one more minute.

  12. Karen Pietrusinski says:

    My fond memories of the girls growing up and car rides was the question we all have heard, “Are we there yet”? Memories of the arguments in the car were and have matured into teen and adult years….what music we will listen to and who is singing off key.

  13. Kim Brooks says:

    I had to laugh..Guess I am lucky with only one child in the home. He only tells me to either turn the music up or down depending on his grumpiness for the day.

  14. Franca Federico says:

    One of my favoite memories of a road trip was when my son asked me ” mom how old were you when you had me?” Well I answered ” I was 24.” Know everyone should know I’m always telling everyone that I’m 29. So then my 7 year old daughter asked ” how old were you when you had me?” Of course I answered ” I was 29.” My daughter turns around and looks at her brother with a big great smile on her face and says ” see you made mommy old I didn’t.”

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