The Best of 2016 According to Me… | Jennifer Probst

The Best of 2016 According to Me…

  1. Don’t watch TV but can agree with the bulk of your favs! Happy New Year!

  2. Alicia Martinez says:

    Jen, I love to see your posts and how you share the love with us all. Here are a few of my faves, if you haven’t seen, tried or even heard of, hope they interest you enough to Google . 😉


    Anything by Marroon 5! Love
    Adam Levine he’s so HOT!
    Sugar, One More Night, This Love

    All of Shania Twain, Lots of Taylor Swift and can’t forget sir Justin Timberlake.


    All of your reads. So far I cannot say I like one of your books more than another. They are ALL awsome! The last one I read was Every Where and Every way. Can’t wait for the Any time any place! Sylva Day is an awsome author too, although I can’t say I’ve read as many of her books but among some of the faves are, Seven Years to Sin, The Stranger I Married, A Hunger For Him, and Captivated by You. All great reads what can I say I’m a hopeless romantic lol.?


    I’m all over the map but some of the great movies for me are Jason Bourne, Neighbors 1&2, Sisters, Sully, Deep Water Horizon, The Autopsy of Jane Doe, Secret Life of Pets, Sing, & Storks.

    The Tudors (I too love English history, plus a little eye candy with Henry Cavil and Jonathan Rhese Myers in this awsome showtime series), American Horror Story, Snapped, & gotta have my HGTV Fixer Upper.


    Everything Neutrogena. I have very sensitive skin and after many trials and errors I think I have finally found my match THANK GOD!


    Well this past summer I was fortunate enough to visit the beautiful city of Seattle. Dad got called out to work there for a few days and flew me up there for a nice 4 day weekend. We have four boys so this was a real treat! We don’t get very many date nights. Anyway I FELL IN LOVE with a place called Elliott’s. Being from Texas, I have NEVER cared for the oysters down south (cringe ) eeeww too briney. 》:\
    But the oysters on the half shell at Elliott’s are DIVINE! Absolutely loved them. Papasito’s ceviche is extraordinary as well, although I don’t know how far north, east or west Papasito’s cantina reaches but if your are ever in the Houston area this place is a must to visit. Carrabas is among the beast Italian around here for sure. Make sure you have at least a glass of their Blackberry sangria, it’s wonderful!
    I love fruity cocktails but when it comes to wine, sparkling is my fave. You can find it at World Market. Is it a delicious red sparkling wine called Stella Rosa. One word of caution, it goes down very easy, so before you know it you’ll be feeling great in no time so take it slow.

    I think that’s it for me, Happy New Year y’all! 😉

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