Resolutions on Life, Writing, and Other Important Stuff…

  1. Kaye Spencer says:

    I have a focus rather than resolution, and that focus is “Complete”. As an example, I have many partially finished manuscripts nagging at me to ‘complete’ them, so this is my year to get them off my back, so to speak, and move on to new stories. I will complete the yard work and house repairs I’ve put off. These aren’t big projects, and I’ll be happy and ‘complete’ when they’re finished. *grin*

    I embraced the overall philosophy of your blog post years ago, and life is so much slower-paced and enjoyable as a result. It reminds me of the What About Bob? philosophy of Baby Steps.

    Happy New Year to you.

  2. Yvonne Cruz says:

    Another inspiring and wonderful and thought provoking essay.

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