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A Day in the Life of my Muse.

June 23, 2020



My muse loves to play games with me. In the beginning, we have a firm word count in mind. And then we begin negotiations.

Muse: I don’t want to write this book. It was a mistake.
Me: It’s too late now, we have to make it work. It’s only a novella. We need 30K.
Muse: Fine, but we’re only doing the minimum. 30K and no more. I mean it. In fact, 28K is the longest I’ll go.
Me: Fine, there will be excerpts to bump it up. I’m in—I’m tired of long-ass books that take forever anyway.

Halfway through the book.

Muse: I hate this book. I’m done. I want to end it now.
Me: No! We need 15K more – we can do that in two days if we work our asses off. We got this!
Muse: I hate when you get all cheerleadery. Fine, but I’m not writing a word more.

At end of the book:

Me: Yes! Only 2K more, let’s wrap this up!
Muse: We’re not done with the story. WE need more scenes.
Me: I don’t want more scenes – we’re good, let’s put a bow on it and type the end. We’ll just make the deadline! It’s fine – it will work.
Muse: No, it won’t so just shut up and type. You think I’m going to put my name on a half-assed book just because you’re lazy? I don’t think so. We’re skipping dinner tonight.
Me: I hate you so much. You promised.
Muse: Don’t be a whiner.

5K later…

Me: Please?
Muse: Almost done.

24 hours later…

Me: Finally, the end. We wrote 12K more than we said we would. I’m exhausted.
Muse: silent
Me: You there? Where’d you go? Did you disappear again? You better be back for the next book!
Muse: silent

It’s a crazy, mad life but it’s my life.
And I love every moment.

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  1. Geri hoffman says:

    This is so cute can’t wait to read the book ❤️😀😀😀

  2. J.M. Schneider says:

    You too, huh? I thought it was only me.

  3. Just so you know Muse… some of us LOVE the long-assed books where the characters can get so tangled and likable even though they are riddled with real flaws and Jennifer can create them to be so interesting and their stories just suck us in… just sayin’

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