1. Awesome review and having bought and read The Tantric Prinicple on my Kindle, I can testify that review is well deserved!

  2. Great review, Jen! I can’t wait to read The Tantric Principle – waiting patiently on my Kindle! (I am using it as incentive to finish my book!) Great blog posts on Romance University and 4badmommies! You are quite entertaining!

  3. Jen, I hope everyone will read The Tantric Principle… it rocks!
    Take care,

  4. jennifer121 says:

    Thanks so much, Regina! I am so glad you liked the book!

  5. jennifer121 says:

    HI Wendy! Thanks for stopping by – you are my blog tour Queen! I have never seen anyone post so many entertaining blogs over the past few months!

  6. jennifer121 says:

    Hi Lisa! Aww, so glad you liked the book – I never get tired of hearing from a reader who likes me stories – thank you!

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