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August 3, 2011

I love New York. But I hate winter. So most of the year I spend praying for summer. I thrive in the summer, the heat, the freedom of frolic and long days, late nights, and vacations.

But lately I’ve noticed summer is kicking my butt. As I am not one to complain, I thought I’d make a rational list of the problems I’ve encountered in the hopes of acknowledging them and moving forward. So, here we go with the Top 5 Reasons Summer is Kicking My A–. Drumroll, please.

1. My house is trashed. Ah, I can hear the hoots of laughter because if you have followed any of my blogs, you know I hate to clean, and my house is always trashed. But this is a new height I’ve never experienced. Sure, winter is messy, with the kids home too much. But summer brings the backyard into my house. Muddy pool water, messy dog paws, wet bathing suits strewn around haphazardly.  Outfits are changed twice a day, baths are ongoing, towels everywhere. My kitchen is never neat, because the kids eat ALL DAY. They consume hoards of ice pops, juice boxes, fruit and snacks. Breakfast every morning is diner worthy, with courses of bacon, sausage, “flip” pancakes, and eggs scrambled just the way they like it.

2. I gained weight. Who the hell gains weight in the summer? Usually I put on a few pounds in the winter to keep warm, and eat salads all summer. But not this time. I am an ice cream junkie, and my friend happened to open up her own ice cream shop in town, so I am a regular visitor. And I’ve forgotten the gym exists. I do very well with the gym in the fall and spring. Not so much in summer and winter. It’s either too hot to go, or too cold. I’m either too tired from the sun, or too tired from the snow. Therefore, I am donning my bathing suit looking a bit rounded around the middle, and though I am bothered, I guess it’s not enough to go back to the gym or give up ice cream.

 3. I am tired. The kids wake up every morning and ask, “Mommy, what fun thing are we doing today?” Fun is kicking my a–. Our schedule is nonstop fun, because this is the only summer in my life I have been home. Since I’ve always worked, I never had the opportunity to spend every day with my children, and I think I’ve gone into overload. We go to parks, farms, pool hopping, and libraries. We have gone to Sesame Place, and the beach, the Bronx zoo, and Hersheypark (read that one at http://4badmommies.com). We go out to lunch, to bookstores, for ice cream and pizza on a regular basis.  By the time my husband arrives home from work, I’m exhausted from the sun, and getting in and out of a hot car, and errand hopping all day long. He looks at me like I’m crazy and I just can’t get him to understand that work in an air conditioned, sterile, adult environment was so much easier!

 4. I am broke. Fun takes money. More money than I expected. Sure, I take them to pizza or a cafe instead of a steak house, but it adds up. The food alone when they are home all day in the summer sucks up my budget. My gas tank always needs more, and the total makes me gasp in shock at my guzzling mini van. Running into a store usually costs me a drink or a small item to make them quiet.  And my beer bill is sky high!

5. I have no schedule.  I like schedules. I am much more flexible than my husband, but at least a semblance of a schedule helps me plan when I can write, and when I can play. Summer is all play. I thought I’d have all day to write in between dealing with my children, but my days are sucked up by fun. And when evening comes, I usually write for a few hours. Not anymore. I am too tired, my muscles lazy and loose from the sun, and I just want to read, and snack, and watch wonderful reality television.  I want to go for ice cream, or sit in the backyard and nurse a beer. I want to write in theory, but not in reality. I go to bed super late, and sleep in, so when I start my day, we are having breakfast around lunchtime.  I am shocked and disgusted with my habits, but I still won’t get up before 9:00am, and I still don’t want to cook a big dinner at night. I am what you would call a summer slug. And the only hope for me is Fall…when school starts.

The conclusion?

I love summer. Even with the top 5 complaints, I dread the change of season, I dread the beginning of school, and I am happy to flow day after day being a sloth.

How is your summer going? Drop me a comment and let me know!

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  1. Oh, this could SOOOO be my list!

    I use the Flylady for cleaning so my house is usually at least neat when the wee beasties are in school but all four at home…toss that right out the window, LOL

    I need my schedule too. Great post!

  2. Liz says:

    Summer equals Ice Cream! You are right about having a schedule. I get way more done when I’m working – lol.
    But in 2 weeks I’ll be on vacation in Pt Pleasant where ic for lunch and mai-ti’s for dinner are required dining.

  3. Aimee Carson says:

    This summer is killing me too, Jen. ‘Course, it’s the first summer where I’m constantly living with writing deadlines . . . which means I have to be more diligent than ever – which aint easy!!

  4. Kimberly says:

    I’ve haven’t liked summer since I was a kid. Every year I make plans to have a fun packed summer I purchase “Hudson Valley Magazines” summer addition with a full list of all the fun summer activities in the valley and I never do even one of them.
    I am also unemployed this summer as you know but having every day off now is a far cry from my childhood summer vacations when I knew exactly where I was going in September when summer was over . Now I worry every day about finding a job and running out of money. I have also gained weight, more to do with the unemployement than the summer. And yes it is “too hot” to go to the gym lol
    I don’t have children so there is really no excuse for my messy home but I still don’t think it’s our fault. Our original plans from 20 years ago had us having maids by this time in our lives lol. So crack open a beer for me and enjoy the heat because one thing is for sure, whether you like summer or not it’s a fleeting season.

  5. mamamash says:

    Oh wow, you are so right. These things all go hand-in-hand with being a parent during summer. Gone are the days of bikinis and beaches, kisses on sand dunes and sneaking dad’s beer out back.

  6. jennifer121 says:

    Hi Liz! I hope you have a wonderful vacation in Pt Pleasant – with no little ones running around in diapers, and margaritas with no guilt!

  7. jennifer121 says:

    HI Mamamash – You nailed it. Sigh. Bikinis I used to fit into. Kisses stolen under the hot sun. Sigh. And ice cold beer on a sandy beach. Sigh. Ah, memories!

  8. jennifer121 says:

    HI Aimee! I know, writing deadlines really put a different spin on it, seems almost harder to get the word count done than it is fall/winter. But you have done it – enjoy the last few weeks!

  9. jennifer121 says:

    HI Kim! Ah, I believed I was going to be rich and successful. I’m neither! But boy do I enjoy summer! Thanks for commenting – I always looks forward to your comments!

  10. Talli Roland says:

    I’m not good with lack of routine, either! I feel your pain!

  11. Jen, The children will grow up and summers will be your own again.

  12. Jen,
    You make me smile… those are the good times… let it kick your… the memories are priceless!
    Take care,

  13. I love the “fun is kicking my a–“! I could use a little ass-kickin’ fun. Here in Texas it is so incredibly hot I think someone left the door to Hell open down here.

  14. I love #3 and #4. I can’t keep my one child busy enough, he always wants to go, go, go!! Broke! OMG! I know broke! My son doesn’t get it. I guess he never wonders why we eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as a complete meal. I guess I could forego the wine……oh who am I kidding. I’d get rid of my sandwich first. lol
    I have been in the north for 7 years now (born a southern girl) and I pray that winter will never come. So I guess I am willing to let summer fun continue to kick my butt with a smile. 🙂
    Great post!

    • jennifer121 says:

      Yep, it’s official. We are soul sisters also! Without pb&j we’d be dead in this house. And I’m so sorry for you. A southern girl who loves the heat does not do well with winters here. Hell, I’m a northern girl and I barely survive!!

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