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Writing and Blogging News!

  1. Read A Life Worth Living, Jen. Poor puppy!

    Have A blast in New York!

  2. Lurking around, and found your site here. Excited to take note of your books, and especially Buffy and the Carrot. đŸ˜‰

    Enjoy your conference!

    • jennifer121 says:

      So glad to see you here too!!! Thanks so much for checking out the books – I had a great time at conference – got completely inspired – and this week I need to ramp things up! Hope you are doing well!

  3. Hope the conference has been fun and you learned a lot.

  4. mamamash says:

    What have you been up to with all your new inspiration?

  5. jennifer121 says:

    Ah, a new blog is coming from all that inspiration if I can sit down and write it! Kids very demaning, fireworks to see, places to go, and I’ve been gone so it’s mommy time for a bit!!

  6. I hope you have a blast! I cant wait to read all about it! Take care… Have too much fun!

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