The Marriage Merger Blog Tour! | Jennifer Probst

The Marriage Merger Blog Tour!

  1. Claudia says:

    July 30 the merger will it be release at target stores or barnes and nobles or only on line

  2. tarltonette binion says:

    Just reread the entire series (marriage to billionaires) for the third time. One thought keeps returning, “What about Wolfe?” Do you really think the series can possibly be finished without his story? You fleshed in his character so well, it seems a shame not to complete the series. While you’re at it, make sure Dante gas a litter of kittens to disperse within the Conte crew and drive Old Yeller a little crazy.

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m writing Wolfe’s story right now! HIs story continues in Searching for Someday, then Searching for Perfect – both are out now. His story is coming next and I LOVE the idea of kittens thank you for the awesome suggestion!!!

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