1. Liz says:

    I did not try NANO – I know better – lol. But I did write about 2K which is better than what I wrote the previous month – a big fat ZERO.

    And by the way – screaming during child birth made me feel better – think lamaze was only creating so they didn’t have to hear you scream.

  2. I thought childbirth was supposed to get easierthe more you did it!
    I don’t get NaNo. I don’t get people who do NaNo. I strive for good words, better words, the best word, not just mass quantities of words. Seems to me there are enough thoughtless words already in this world. It sometimes takes me awhile to find and it often takes me awhile to find the right word, the absolute best word. I’m a cobbler and a tinkerer. I don’t mind if that takes me awhile.

  3. Now, see, I wrote that fast. Would have made more sense and needed a lot less editing, if I hadn’t.

  4. Regina Richards says:

    I wasn’t laughing at your pain, but the description of your husband snoring while you screamed is too funny and way too familiar. My husband sat confortably in a recliner, happily reading the newspaper while I labored in pain to bring forth our second.

    • jennifer121 says:

      Oh, if only they could understand what it is like. During the birth of my first son I chewed on ice chips. My husband kept bringing food from the cafeteria into the room and munched out. I told him I’d kill him if I made it through!

  5. Great post, Jen! I didn’t do NaNo. Like Taryn, I prefer to get down good words and that takes time and reviewing and rewriting. (For me anyway.) But I kind of wish I had made the commitment. Then I’d be a lot further along on book 2 than I am now!!!

  6. Didn’t do NaNo either. I do like your equating it to giving birth. I’ve always thought of my stories as my children. Also this could be equated to passing kidney stones. I’ve done both and no it does not get easier. Like books each birth is different.

  7. Amy says:

    Writing = childbirth. Yep, sounds about right!

  8. I *love* NaNoWriMo. I love the whole motivation and group effort of it. Last year I I did it and wrote 50K in 3 weeks, taking the last week to tinker with it. This year I wrote a 72K novel, and now in December I’m slowly going back through it and revising. But that’s how I work – I plow through and write fast to get the story down before I lose it – then I go back and polish and make everything sound nice. But I think writing 72K in a month *may* have been a little crazy. Next year I’m going to stop at 50K so I can think clearly, instead of walking around with what I’ve come to call “Nano Brain”. LOL I’m glad you joined in the fun, Jen.

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