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Food for Thought

  1. Regina Richards says:

    Loved this post! Been there. But now my kids are teens and things have changed. Now they’ll eat anything that doesn’t eat them first – including salad. They no longer complain about what I’m serving for dinner – just about how long it is taking me to get it on the table.

  2. Kimberly says:

    This is so cute. My hat is off to all of you mom’s who have to go through this and from what I’ve heard all of you do. Even my own sister was bragging a month a go how her 5 year old was now eating chicken like it was going out of style. Present moment? nope he doesn’t like it… smells funny. Like many things in life this to shall pass.
    Another thing I hear about kids ESPECIALLY boys is that once they reach a certain age they WILL eat you out of house and home. lol So in about 6 or 7 years you may find yourself cooking a dinner that you know the boys may not like just so there is some left over for you and Ray.
    As for your own personal batlle with food I also sympathize. I sit in front of this computer with my nightly meal of pasta. A meal I have been making most every night since working so much overtime leaves me little time to make something else. 5 months ago I was 10 pounds lighter than I am right now of course this is when I was suffering from an undiagnosed stomach disorder. Now medicated for that disorder with the side effect of increased appetite I watch my belly get a little rounder every day. I actually find myself doing the Santa Claus pat to it every once in a while. lol.
    Oh well when it comes food there will always be a love/hate relationship at the different stages of ours lives. Right now your kids love to hate it but one day they will be like us hating ourselves for loving it. lol 🙂

    • jennifer121 says:

      Thanks, as usual, to help me see the humor in the situation! And I do the Santa Claus pat too!!!! I rather see you that way than thin and sick. Now we can finally do our dinner!

  3. Hi Jen!
    At least I’m in good company as I shatter through my ceiling weight, again and again, more effectively than Willy Wonka’s elevator! Tis the season!!! (And I’ve been celebrating since Halloween!) January is detox. (Not a fun time at my house.)
    Re: Your kids, when they’re hungry they’ll eat. If you let them always have their way each time they cry and complain, they will always cry and complain. When they were young, my children had to finish their vegetables if they wanted dessert. Period. No negotiation. They all went through phases with their eating. My son went through a period when all he would eat for lunch was a peanut butter and jelly uncrustable. Everyday for months. Then he stopped and never ate one again. My youngest daughter used to eat everything. Now she is so picky. My favorite phrase: “This is not a restaraunt.” If I give them a choice, each one wants something different. I’m sorry you’re having dinnertime trouble. We’ve been eating turkey bacon so long, we no longer like regular bacon. Good luck, Jen!

    • jennifer121 says:

      Wendy, I love your strictness! I don’t cook different things either – that would be way too exhausting. I will occasionally give them a sandwich if they are really hating dinner and feel hungry. Beautiful imagery from a talented writer on the Willy Wonka’s elevator image for weight. May I steal it please???

  4. Jen, I feel your pain with this. Children learn too easily how to pull our chains. I learned a lesson with mine. They would eat anything, except for my youngest. The hardest lesson I had to learn was to let her sit at the table and stare at the plate while the rest of us ate. I made her no special meals and my friends refused to feel d her. She’s still a fussy eater but she does love carbs. Have no advice for you but to remember, this too will pass and also monkey see, monkey do,

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