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Homeward Bound…

August 7, 2013

When we first bought our house, I was ready to birth my oldest son, and had just gotten married. Three huge events experienced within a twelve month period.

That is so me.

We needed a house fast. The small brick ranch was perfect. Five rooms. Cozy. Understated. It needed updates but it was all ours. Anyway, it was only for the first three years. Our starter house. We moved in and were happy.
Three years morphed into the five year plan when I got pregnant again. Jobs changed, we gained two dogs, and a friend moved into the basement. Crowded, yes. Full of love, yes. Our toddlers couldn’t toddle too far away because there was nowhere to go. Hide and go seek games were extra short, but they didn’t care. My little one was thrilled enough to cover his eyes, and within the magic of childhood, believed no one else could see him. There wasn’t stairs to run up or too much space between us, so nightmares and cries for mommy were quickly dealt with. We all watched television together and ate around the family table because there was nowhere else to go.

With ten years now looming before us, we are finally moving. The house is bigger, beautiful, happy. Ready to fill with new memories of our family. But as anything in life, moving forward is bittersweet. Will the past be forgotten and replaced by a new and shinier version? As my children grow, no matter how much I tell them not to, I will look behind me on this move and remember.

I will finally have my own dedicated office space. This amazes me. My current office is a spare bedroom holding a couch, my husband’s closet, endless clothes, and books. My Walmart desk looks like it’s exploded with clutter, dinged up, and scribbled on with endless markers. But even with my kids running behind me, jumping on the couch and interrupting me with endless requests, the work got done. The books were written. I may have stared at a wall but my scenery was my pictures and endless scrawled quotes with mementos that reminded me of who I am. When I hear writers talk about needing their perfect space I laugh out loud. A writer’s space is anywhere she can write. And this office taught me that.

My kids had to share a room. I decorated it with nursery rhymes: Humpty Dumpty, the cow who jumped over the moon, the little woman who lived in a shoe. All the furniture was borrowed from close friends, but my babies didn’t care. The memories of the children who came before guided us which was better than new. My kids learned to respect each other and share space because there was no other choice. The toys and stuffed animals exploded from every corner, but I loved it much better than clean lines and elegant furniture. As I leave, the wallpaper has been ripped, and the carpet damaged. But I smile every time I turn out the lights.

Our living room holds one special recliner that is dubbed “mommy’s chair.” I collapsed there for hours through two pregnancies. I fed them, rocked them, and soothed their tears. My youngest discovered a bottle of bright purple nail polish and decorated it right before Christmas holiday when I was about to have over a dozen people. It never came out. But I love that chair, and worry I will never bond with my new one in the same way.

As I look around the rooms, filled with boxes, my memories scattered throughout, I remember again that life is precious and every stage must be enjoyed. Savored. Good and bad. This little brick house holds my past. My children’s first steps. A shelter from the storm.

I’m homeward bound toward something shiny and new, but I will never forget where it all began.
Same thing with my writing. Each book is an individual experience – a journey never to be forgotten even as we move toward a brand new story.

I wish everyone a safe journey home.

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  1. DOLORES MOREU says:

    May you and your family have a safe and wonderful journey to your new home.

  2. Tina Brimlow says:

    Oh Jenifer I loved. Your story going between on home to another. Thank you for sharing that with us. Good luck in the new home hope the new chair gets a different color nail polish. 🙂

  3. Karen Lawson says:

    There will always be something special about the house where you birthed and nurtured your babies. When we left our very unique apartment in the back of my father’s storage building and moved into our large one-hundred-year-old house almost twenty-seven years ago, it was a bittersweet moment. Time passes, families grow, but memories remain forever… Enjoy the new place and make some great new memories! This one will probably be the one the kids will remember to their kids someday! <3

  4. Sharlene Wegner says:

    Congratulations on your move! Our first home was the first floor & basement of a rented house. My dresser was in the dining room because the bedroom wasn’t big enough. My son’s crib ended up in the dining room, too. We bought a 4 bedroom colonial 19 years ago, but I will never forget our first home. Best of luck!

  5. Maybelline says:

    Your story brought tears to my eyes. When I was 15 my parents left everything in Puerto Rico to move to Texas so I could go to college in the States. That was a tough move–new language, new country and culture, new everything. It is something I am grateful to my parents for. Now that I have my own family, it could be said that we have created an “immunity” to moving. As a military family it is very hard to make a “home” since it is constantly changing. What you get is a global “home”–every place is a new experience (either good or bad) and your neighbors become your “family” forever. Thanks for sharing your story! Time to keep moving forward and embrace the new amazing things to come.

  6. Tanya says:

    That was so touching. Makes me think about my journey over the last 14 years with my children and husband.thank you for sharing.

  7. Donna M says:

    I loved this thoughtful blog on moving on to a new place, leaving behind what was once a beginning. Your new place will soon become that spot that welcomes you home, the place you know is your sanctuary. Enjoy this new phase of life. It too, will soon hold wonderful memories.

  8. lisagk says:

    Simply beautiful

  9. Marti says:

    What an amazing story to share. Thanks so much. It makes me realize how precious home and family is. I’m a single mom and we never had much over the necessities of life, but we have love and memories.
    I remember one stormy day when we couldn’t have the TV on because of lightning that I gathered up the bazooka bubble gum and thought my son to blow bubbles. Its one of my favorite memories to date.
    Thank you for what you do. I’m nearly done reading “Merger”. Love this family. Nick and Alexa are still my favorite pair. 🙂
    Best wishes in your new home.
    Marti in MT

  10. Karen says:

    WOW..your story is wonderful no wonder your stories feel like they come from the heart…your life story made me laugh and cry. Best of luck and happiness as your new adventure begins.

  11. Cindy Hamilton says:

    Congrats on your new home, may it be filled with love and joy!

  12. Lynn says:

    Such a beautiful personal story! No, there will never be another home that can take the place of that first one that holds so many dear memories for you, or at least there never were for me. But, you will be able to turn your new home and Mommy Chair into the same type of wonderful memories of the children other firsts to come your way. Only this time some of those memories they will be able to remember with you!

  13. Irene says:

    Your words always touch my heart, such a beautiful post.
    I wish you and the family all the best and may the new memories be happy ones <3
    Irene aka @FFpassion

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