1. JOYE says:

    I enjoy reading your books.
    Happy Spring

  2. Congratulations on that rave review! So deserving, you are. The necklace is gorgeous and I love the fact that it comes with a warning. Happy Mother’s Day. ♥ Diane

  3. Really beautiful necklace!
    Wonderful, wonderful review!

  4. Jen

    I just wanted to agree with the offical first rave book review of the “Tantric Principle”. Your writing is so alluring, it was easy to to be taken away by the intense romance and passion.

    Thank you… great book!

  5. Jen, When will it be out for the Kindle.

  6. KLZ says:

    I liked you on Facebook!

  7. Hey Jen,

    I think I covered all the directions and I tweeted and facebooked… heading to amazon NOW. If anyone hasn’t read Jen’s post on Love Letter’s start there….
    Have a great day!

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