4BadMommies | Jennifer Probst

With my tight writing schedule and endless deadlines, I don’t have as much time to throw myself into many creative blog posts anymore. But blogging has always been important to me because it’s how I started out in this social media world – making friends, finding my fave blogs to follow, and opening up my […]

April 15, 2013

The Power of Blogs…

I love New York. But I hate winter. So most of the year I spend praying for summer. I thrive in the summer, the heat, the freedom of frolic and long days, late nights, and vacations. But lately I’ve noticed summer is kicking my butt. As I am not one to complain, I thought I’d […]

August 3, 2011


Sorry, my peeps. It’s been too long since I updated my blog. Let’s blame it on the summer. Hot, lazy days rushing kids around, pool hopping, summer vacationing, and staying up way too late. For my fellow writers, I had the distinct honor to be a visiting professor at Romance Univerrsity. Please check out my […]

July 26, 2011


Hello my peeps! I am thrilled to be off to Manhattan this week for the annual Romance Writer’s of America conference. I will be meeting new writing buddies, editors, workshopping and learning from the masters so I can be a more prolific writer. In the meantime, please check out my post at http://4badmommies.com It’s a […]

June 28, 2011

Writing and Blogging News!

Happy Tuesday! I am guest blogging today at the wonderful Shoshanna Ever’s blog: The Writer’s Challenge. I’m discussing the challenges of writing in different genres, so swing by and leave me a comment! http://bit.ly/9pNnDX For all the mommies out there – come by http://4badmommies and get a laugh at my expense. An updated entry of […]

May 24, 2011

Writing in Different Genres