A Day in Deadline Hell… | Jennifer Probst

A Day in Deadline Hell…

  1. Robin says:

    Omg! I freakin love this (and u) Jen!!! It’s so accurate and sounds just like me too except for the whole writing thing ! Lol

  2. Kristi Weersing says:

    I love this this! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. samanthachaseauthor says:

    OMG! This was the greatest thing I’ve read all day!!
    So much better than the book I’m supposed to be writing instead of scrolling on FB. LOL!!
    Seriously, I adore you. This was awesome and scary accurate!

  4. This is me. Every. Damn. Day. You totally captured the writing life here. Well done, my friend!

  5. Janice Hampto says:

    I can so relate to this especially about your characters eating pancakes. My characters are always doing some mundane task when I can’t think of what to write. Glad to know I’m not alone!

  6. Maria says:

    I love this!!! Speaks volumes. I can so relate! I teach 6th grade ELA and finding time to work on my 5 manuscripts is soooooo hard!! On top of it, I’m trying to revamp my novel I published in 2011 and relaunch it. All this while grading papers from my 125 students! I wish I could add 10 hours to my day or give up sleeping and just survive on espresso. Thanks for sharing and letting me see that even successful authors struggle to find time like us struggling ones!😊

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