The Top Five Ways to Transform During Hard Times | Jennifer Probst

The Top Five Ways to Transform During Hard Times

  1. Tracy Sigmann says:

    Perfect blog post! It fits to a T. I think many of us are feeling like we are in an endless loop of stress and anxiety. Thankfully, I still have my job. It’s been incredibly busy and I feel like I can’t catch my breath. This week I decided I needed to get into a better routine that included walking, better eating choices, stepping away from work to take more breaks and going to bed at a reasonable time. I already stopped watching/reading the news and I limit myself to twice a week for IG, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn. Routine seems to help keep me grounded and focused and these past few months have gone off the rails! Even my daily stretching, walking, and meditating/breathing weren’t helping. Thanks for the helpful blog. Be well! PS Really enjoy your books 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      So glad you enjoyed it Tracy! Thank you – and I love how your new routine is working out! Cyber hugs!

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