The Loss of Innocence–In Life and the Book World…by Jennifer Probst | Jennifer Probst

The Loss of Innocence–In Life and the Book World…by Jennifer Probst

  1. Sarah says:

    You never cease to amaze me with your writing. My magical moments are the ones in the quiet of the night holding the baby or anytime I go to the ocean (which unfortunately is not that often). I can’t help but feel the magic as I stare into the sleeping face of one of my children and I always feel overwhelming peace and calm anytime I’m near the ocean.

  2. Anissa says:

    I love this! So so much. Faith is a key element in life. What’s life without faith? In small things, big things. It’s magical to find the hope and joy in little every day things in life. It makes it so much more beautiful. Thanks for this article!! I love your writing and your stories. ?

  3. Brandi says:

    Oh, Jennifer, I loved this beautiful post so much. Your desire to give your children the magic they deserve is palpable, and you are a WONDERFUL mother for it. I’m sorry you’re grieving this shift for your sweet boy … And you are absolutely right: there is more magic to be had, abso-freakin’-lutely. The most magical moments I’ve had have always seemed to be with the people I love in nature … hiking with my husband, seeing the ocean for the first time with my dad, glimpsing some majestic animal a little too closely with a friend who’s as excited as me. Or listening to a beautiful piece of music for the first time … And creating without worrying about the product … just sitting back and seeing what I MADE. That’s a pretty amazing feeling. 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you so much Brandi! I love your descriptions of the magic – it’s so true – we are completely blessed if we just take a moment to look!

  4. Liz says:

    That was lovely, Jennifer. Let’s see – the birth of my son and all those magical moments with him as he grew, my husband–more now than ever as we will be celebrating 33 years in June, and all those little things like driving down the mountain to my job at 7:00 AM and the sun is rising big and beautiful in the sky like it’s the first day when God said “Let there be light’.

  5. theresa says:

    When my nieces were born and I got to hold them that was just one of the many magical moments I have had with them. Knowing that even though they are older 19 and 17 ugg that they still think I am cool and want to hang out with me lol!!! Also any memories I have of being with my mom those are all magical moments great memories. last but not least hanging out with you and ange, always laughing having fun even if we haven’t seen each other in a year lol

    • Jennifer says:

      Aww T – you are a blessing and your nieces are SO lucky to have the best aunt in the whole world!!!

  6. I believe in Santa, and I’ve always told my kids it’s what you choose to believe in your heart. Now 23 and 17, we still have a tree where Santa leaves presents. My magical moments are the births of my kids, the feeling when a reader tells me what my book/s mean to her, and every day with my husband. He’s my best friend. Started dating when I was 16. Just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary!

  7. theresa natole says:

    Wow this brought back so many memories of when we told our 2 sons about the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny and Santa. While my one son’s response to Santa was “do I still get presents” and we said yes then he said he was fine but I an honestly say my younger son was truly devastated. But I explained to him that Santa may not be a man in a red suit but the miracle and joy of Christmas still lives on he was okay with it. Christmas may not be a man down a chimney but the magic is still there but in different way. My son’s today are 26 and 24 and I still tell them I believe in Santa and he does exist.

  8. Cyn says:

    When my son was 7 and my daughter 9, my son asked me if the Easter Bunny was real. I told him not to ask me questions if he didn’t want to know the answer. My daughter was screaming at him from her bedroom, “stop asking questions! Stop it! I don’t want to know.” It is funny how a child can quickly register that no Easter Bunny equals no Santa and no Tooth Fairy either. But you are correct, there is lots of everyday magic if you are willing to see it.

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