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A Book About My Favorite Things…

May 3, 2018

Happy May my lovelies!
Finally – the weather is sunny and warm, baseball season is in full spring, and my son got inducted into the National Junior Honor society. Can I finally state: things are looking up?
I’m also thrilled to celebrate my newest release, The Marriage Arrangement which just came out this week! I think it’s a wonderful addition to the Marriage to a Billionaire series – pairing new and well-known characters, re-visiting the mysterious Book of Spells, and written as a complete standalone so everyone can enjoy.

Besides a delicious marriage of convenience trope, this story is filled with some of the greatest loves of my life. Ready for the countdown?

1. Wine.
Everyone knows I love wine. There’s a big sign in my house that greets you when you enter the door that says: WELCOME. I HOPE YOU BROUGHT WINE.
I decided to use the setting of an upstate New York winery *based loosely on Brotherhood Winery right here in the Hudson Valley** in order to bring a sensual tone to the book. There’s a delicious scene where the hero gives my heroine a wine tasting that’s intimate and sexy so I hope you break out that bottle you’ve been saying, sip some good wine and read the book!

2. Pastries.
Ah, dessert. Is there anything much better? Imagine what a person can glean from another after analyzing why a certain dessert is your favorite. I had a blast writing a particular scene in the book where the hero and heroine try to figure out each other’s secrets based on dessert choice. When I visited Siena, we went to Nonnis bakery and I wanted to live there. The scents of powdered sugar and fresh baked dough and rich chocolate wafted in the air. My sight was dazzled by the displays and my taste buds wept at the textures—from the fresh cream, the tart fruit, and the crisp cannoli shells.

3. Italy

I love Italy. I’ve been there twice and have another trip scheduled this year to Rome. I love the people, the warmth, the chaos, the cracked, ancient, twisted pavements. I love the lyrical language and the food. It’s one of my favorite settings to write in, so come take a trip with me to Milano and visit some main attractions.

4. Family
It’s the heart of every book I write. You’ll be introduced or re-introduced to one of my readers’ favorite characters – Mama Conte. Sit with her at the carved pine table and open your senses up. There’s bickering, family dinners, cooking, teasing, and so much love you will be warmed from the soul.

I hope you give The Marriage Arrangement a try!

ebook: http://amzn.to/2A383Wq

Print: http://amzn.to/2hSBIqV

What are your favorite things in the world to read or write about?

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  1. Donna A says:

    Did you know? May 25th is National Wine Day!!!

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