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Random Meanderings on a Tuesday…

March 24, 2020

Every day when I go to bed, I try to think over the day and come up with a few things that made me happy. I don’t count the BIG things like health, safety, shelter, etc. I’m always grateful for those and try to never take them for granted. I’m talking about the tiny moments that make up our existence which have been more in focus now that we are all…home. I figured I’d share them with you today!

Things that have made me happy today during the twelfth day of quarantine:

1. The creative, hysterical memes, graphics, and gifs being shared around. I skip the toxic posts and focus on these for a good laugh. Did you know laughing releases tension?

2. Connecting with one person per day on a deep personal level. More than one would freak me out. But when I concentrate on one person who I think about and communicate with, I feel good. Pick any person who enters your mind, and text, CALL, Facetime, send a note, or a surprise gift. It’s amazing what it does for you and the person who receives.

3. Online shopping. Sorry – this is a non-judgment zone. I am helping the economy BIG TIME. My latest purchase has been for my dogs. I bought a Sausage Dog ramp so they can get up and down off my very high bed without hurting themselves. While I was there, I also picked up a doggy booster seat so when we can actually leave the house, they can both be safe and cozy.

4. Introducing my boys to a new horror movie every night. Last night was Child’s Play 1 and 2. They loved it. Unfortunately, they hated The Amityville Horror and thought it was lame. Fallen with Denzel Washington got only one thumb’s up. Candyman was a huge hit. I am doing my job for the horror industry!

5. New release Tuesday! Some of my fave people have releases today! Go check them ALL out – I already bought three. Remember – supporting authors and the local economy for your escape and entertainment is needed!

What are some of your favorite parts of the day lately?

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