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April Musings…

April 5, 2020

The days are passing in similar fashion with new routines now taking over.

In my house, the boys and I stay up late together, bonding over movies and taking breaks for them to play and me to read. They get up to be at their computers at various times in the morning while I sleep in.

My husband has been at his computer working steadily since 6:30am.

We do breakfast, I get my coffee, and the next few hours we work. Any new words I get done is a gift. Sometimes, I concentrate on news, social media, and others I’m overwhelmed with admin duties, promotions, copyedits and other various writing tasks that make up my business.

We break for lunch. I watch Bravo tv. Usually Cuomo on his livestream. This is when I check in with my mom, various friends, or anyone who’s been on my mind.

We plan dinner. Chat. Walk the dogs.

Then go back to work till late afternoon.

I exercise. Hubby cooks. Boys play. We eat. Play a variety of board games for the next hour or two.

Then congregate back in the family room for movies, tv, or Netflix.

Get up. Rinse. Repeat.

It is boring in its simplicity. It is humbling in the way it’s trying to keep us safe. It’s sad when I think of all the medical professionals and others out there on the front line, including my brother and sister-in-law and cousin who cannot be home safe like us. They can’t complain about home schooling, or boredom. They are fighting for our lives and theirs. Each day is a risk. They are suffering from anxiety and panic attacks and old-fashioned terror. I am grateful, but cannot pretend to know what they are truly going through. NO one can unless they are on the front lines.

I try to think positively. I pray. I meditate. I try desperately to keep my body somewhat healthy because it gives me strength I need. When I hit a pocket of creativity, I take advantage of it.

I’ve been reading a lot. I’ve signed up for Masterclass. I signed up for a strengths class with Write Better Faster. I do online meditation every Sunday night. I try and stay away from the Black hole of news in the morning and take it on after I’ve worked and feel a bit more focused and able to process.

We’re all doing the best we can, depending on the day and the news. I’m grabbing joy when I can, but I also know when a loved one is sick or passed due to this virus, there is little joy to find.

Eventually, we will crawl out of this like war veterans. We will be changed forever. We will need to get used to a new life and new world.

This is a time to discover the collateral beauty in heartbreaking pain. It’s a time to forgive, and go deep within ourselves, and re-assess our lives and priorities and goals.

It is a time to celebrate love in all its forms.

My thoughts are with everyone as we head through April where Easter and Springtime lurk around the corner.

And I hope.

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