Practicing Writing Naked… | Jennifer Probst

Practicing Writing Naked…

  1. Jennifer Hevern says:

    Ugh! What are you doing to me??. This, this right here is why I love your books so much! You get it! And you put the truth of emotions on the page every, single time. Thank you.

  2. Crying with you…and sending vibes of support.

  3. Some days it can all be too much. And when it is, writing it out is sometimes all that helps. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Danielle says:

    So open and honest! Love your perspective on this particular day… how many of us feel so often. Sometimes it’s like watching someone else’s life and then remembering it’s your own.

  5. Donna Alward says:

    Oh, Jen. Our pup pup is in the same way – 14.5 years old, deaf, and yes, I mop the floor darn near every morning. We said goodbye to my step dad last Christmas, my eldest drove away to university again last weekend, and my youngest starts her senior year tomorrow. And while the last 2 are the way things are SUPPOSED to be, I have to say, watching your kid drive away to live in a new city with a car packed with clothes, sheets, towels, and love, is a hard, hard thing. Knowing tomorrow is the youngest’s last first day of public school is bittersweet.

    Sometimes I get so caught up in the business of this business I forget to sit and savor my emotions and use my powers for good (in the story). Lovely post today. Wistful is my favorite color. 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      Aww Donna my heart clenched reading this – I’m so glad you read my post thank you. Loved your last comment so beautiful – wistful is a lovely word.

  6. Beautiful post! Know you’re not alone. After my brother took his life last year, life has become more precious and I’ve taken a lot more time to spend time with those I love. My heart goes out to you.

    • Jennifer says:

      Oh, Isabella, I’m so sorry for your loss – that’s heartbreaking but yes, savoring moments that are good can truly help. Cyber hugs.

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