THE P FACTOR… | Jennifer Probst


  1. Paige Morgan says:

    OH! The poop one killed me! I wasa germa-phobe before I had kids, I still am, but I have had to get over my kids germs!

  2. Jen, made me laugh and brought up some stories. One of my boys painted the walls with poop. In a rented house yet. The other is the oldest. I was so proud of him when he went to the bathroom. Once, He returned to wetting. When asked. he said. I did it once.” That’s what I get for saying to him, Just once I’d like you to use the potty.

  3. Kimberly says:

    You know I don’t forget what it was like to live with a man. I use to get so angry scrubbing down dried pee off the front of the toilet which takes a considerable amount of elbow grease. I, like you wondered why it was so difficult to hit such a big hole. I heard many excuses always related to supposed uncontrolable streams. I always suspected this was horse crap but was accused of not understanding the urinating perils of the opposite sex. Well guess what? a couple months ago my sister told me of a story she read regarding some of the cleanest restrooms in the world. The most immaculate of them being a mens restroom. The secret….. a fly painted into the porcelain at the bottom of the urinals. Seems when men folk have something to aim for they rarely miss. lol. Which just backs my argument that if they really wanted too….they can actually pee “in” the toilet 🙂

    • jennifer121 says:

      Kim, girlfriend, you said it! It’s a large opening! What’s going on! So the secret is a fly painted in the toilet, hmmm? I am going to get my paintbrush. Hysterical story – love your comments.

  4. Liz says:

    You are a riot.

    The hand down the pants – convinced it’s in their DNA. I’m sure cavemen sat around the fire with their hands down their fur loincloths.

  5. I was laughing so hard!!! I’m a complete germaphobe so God knows how I would have reacted to all this, but then again, I’m not yet a mom so I may be writing entries like yours in a few years (minus finding poop in anywhere except the toilet). Your youngest son sounds so precious. You’re going to have soo many stories to tell his future girlfriends, your daughter-in-law and his kids when he grows up 😉

    • jennifer121 says:

      I am so happy you got a laugh out of it – like in life, if we don’t laugh we may cry!!!! Trust me, I never thought I’d do half of the disgusting things I do BC (before children)!!!!

  6. Jeannine Wagner says:

    Isn’t life wonderful Jen!!! I have four of what I call ” Al Bundies”!! I tell them all the time that they don’t have to hold “it” won’t fall off!! Good luck to a mom of boys from a mom of boys!!

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