Six Sentence Sunday… | Jennifer Probst

Six Sentence Sunday…

  1. Dee Carney says:

    LOL! That’s awesome!

  2. Regina Richards says:

    Hey,Jen. Those are 6 provacative sentences to be sure.

    Six Sentence Sunday. What a great idea! I’ll check it out. Thanks!

  3. Love this, Jen. You are a really good writer. Can’t wait to read the whole thing.

  4. Liz says:

    Nice. Can’t wait for more. If I ever get my head out of my butt I’ll give it it a try.

  5. Wendy Marcus says:

    I don’t like six sentence Sunday. It’s not enough!

  6. Angelique Devlin says:

    I’m with Wendy.

    (oh & I like your character’s name)

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