1. I like the connections you made – especially cool that you got to hang out with your dad at the racetrack. I know so many people today balk at things like that, but it is a unique experience and it brought you fond memories; all good 🙂

    • jennifer121 says:

      Thanks, Stephanie, so nice to see you here! And yes, it was definitely a strange experience hanging out with the cabbies at OTB – but honestly – I believe looking at life from all angles gives us a richer experience. Thanks again for the insight.

  2. Something about horses and riding that seems so glamorous to me. Guess that’s why I love Regencies and such. I think this is a movie that I’ll wait for on TV, though. Although I liked that one with Toby Maguire a few years ago, the name of which is now escaping me!

    • jennifer121 says:

      Hi Taryn,
      Yes, I agree, the horse business is very glamorous and I love reading about it. And that movie was Seabiscuit – another all time favorite of mine about heart!

  3. Nice piece of writing. You are in the winner’s circle. You have published books.

  4. Wendy Marcus says:

    Do Not Listen to the Naysayers! YOU CAN DO IT! Maybe the reason Secretariat was so successful is because she is a horse and couldn’t understand all the people saying she couldn’t do something. She just went about her business and did it!

  5. Regina Richards says:

    Great post, Jen. Just the shot of encouragement I needed today. I’m off to the races, er, I mean the writing. Thanks!

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