Release Day for Executive Seduction!

October 21, 2013

I’m so excited to share my official Re-Release of my first book, Heart of Steel, which has been updated with some yummy new scenes and completely edited with a brand new title!

It’s also out on audio for the very first time! Click on my Books or Home Page to buy now in digital or audio.

If you love an alpha, brooding, dominant CEO hero; a stubborn, feisty, independent heroine; an opposites attract romance; and a classic love story – this one’s for you!

And to celebrate, I’m giving away ONE signed paperback and TWO audio copies of Executive Seduction!

Pop on over to my Facebook page and do just one thing to help me spread the word. Drop me a comment on the page letting me know what you did and you score an entry. Anything counts – Twitter, Facebook, Add to Goodreads, Sharing with your book group, bloggers, posting a review, etc. That’s it!

Happy Reading and Good luck!

Excerpt from Executive Seduction:

“At least you didn’t invite him in.”

She gasped and spun on her heel. Logan Grant stood at the end of the corridor. Still dressed in his evening clothes, every powerful muscle cloaked in elegant fabric, he cut an intimidating figure. His tie had been ripped off, and the first buttons of his shirt undone. Curly, dark hair peeked from beneath the pristine white cloth. A muscle worked in his jaw as his silvery gaze drilled into her. His voice was a low growl of sound. Rough. Sexy. Her stomach slid and dipped to her toes. She made sure her face showed nothing.

“Why am I not surprised? Don’t you think this could be considered stalking?”

The corner of his mouth kicked up in a grin. “I’ve never stalked a woman in my life.”

“First time for everything.” Her eyes narrowed. “What do you want? Have you trained your women so well that your date is sitting in the car?”

He moved toward her like a predator and stopped a few inches away. The scent of musky aftershave teased her senses. “I took her home. Did you enjoy kissing him, Chandler?”

Her temper surged. “Did you enjoy kissing your redhead, Logan?” Immediately, she realized her mistake and almost bit her tongue with frustration. He’d watched her all through dinner with a possessive gleam in his eyes that annoyed her. The casual intimacy he treated his date with made her angry, too. However, those emotions she could deal with. It was the way her body jumped at the mere sound of his voice, melted at his touch or look, which made her really crazy.

The amusement was back. “Lisa? I gave her a polite kiss on the cheek and dropped her at the door. Why? Does it matter?”

She shrugged. “No.” Then glanced around the empty corridor. “Look, it’s late. I’ve got an early class in the morning.” She turned to dismiss him, but his hand shot out to grasp her wrist. Her heart slammed in her chest. “Is there something else you wanted?”

“If I were sleeping with Lisa, would you be jealous?”

Chandler gasped. “Of course not. It’s none of my business who you sleep with, and I have no desire to know. I wouldn’t tell you who I was involved with.”

“Are you?”

“Am I what?”

“Are you sleeping with somebody?” he demanded.

“How dare you ask me a question like that? You have no right to ask me anything about my personal life.”

Deliberately, Logan leaned in. “It became my right the moment your mouth opened under mine,” he shot back. “When you cried my name and your nails dug into my skin with passion I reserved the right to be your only lover. I’m a greedy, selfish man, and I don’t share with anyone. Especially with Richard Thorne.” Logan studied her face. She tried hard to keep her lower lip from trembling. “The other night we almost became lovers, and today you want to pretend it never happened.”

She pulled her wrist away and crossed her arms in front of her chest. “It was a mistake.”

“It was the first honest response you’ve allowed yourself in a long time.” He stepped back and plowed his fingers through his hair. “Right or wrong, good for you or not, you wanted me in your bed and now you’re too damn scared to admit it. I didn’t see you kiss Thorne like that. I didn’t hear you invite him in. Why? Because something was missing?”

She shook her head stubbornly. “The night you kissed me I was taken by surprise. You wanted to prove a point. Why can’t we let the episode go?”

Chandler watched the male predator before her and waited for his temper to explode. Instead, she heard him speak in an easy tone. “In your little speech the other night, you insisted you were taken by surprise by my, er…forward actions.”


“So, if I had calmly announced my intentions to kiss you, I wouldn’t have gotten the same response?”


“You would have pulled away?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

Chandler watched in fascination as he closed the distance between them. Warm breath struck her lips as his mouth stopped inches from her own. The slow descent held her spellbound. Heat and intense sensual energy radiated from his body. “If I told you I intend to kiss you, you’d refuse to respond, right?”

Her stomach lurched in fear at his obvious intent. She licked her lips nervously and stiffened her body to prepare for battle. “Yes.” The word came out slightly strangled.

His eyes focused on her trembling mouth. “Great. Then as two logical people ready to settle an argument, we’ll conduct an experiment to prove who’s telling the truth.” He paused. “Just in case you don’t know what’s about to happen, I intend to kiss you, Chandler. I’m also giving you plenty of notice so you can’t call foul play after I prove your body was made to belong to me.”

Then his lips closed over hers.

Chandler prepared for a sensual, teasing game like the night before. What she hadn’t expected was the powerful, drugging need that touched fire to her body when his tongue penetrated the seam of her lips to thrust into her mouth, hungrily plundering every secret, dark corner over and over again. Like a flower opening to the sun, she allowed him free access. A deep need burned through her; the need to respond to his masculine invasion; the need to feel her body crushed under his; the need to let her soul soar. She could have fought her response if he’d used cold expertise, or a calculated game of thrust and parry. What she couldn’t fight was this honest, driven kiss. It had been too long since she’d felt a man need her response so badly, and he seemed to want her with a passion beyond the clinical, ruthless mind of a businessman going in for the kill.

Chandler kissed him back. She learned the texture of his lips, the line of smooth white teeth, the heat of his mouth. She reveled in the hard body pressed against hers. She breathed in the scent of him. As the kiss went on, stoking the fires of desire, she wanted more and more and more…

He slowly dragged his mouth from hers. Her skin tingled from the slight roughness of his five o’clock shadow. She let her tongue glide along her bottom lip and caught his taste. Logan groaned. The pad of his thumb pressed over her mouth and traced its outline, following up the line of her jaw. He smoothed back the stray tendrils of hair escaping from her twist.

Chandler almost closed her eyes in defeat. No more lies. Clearly he knew the extent of her physical attraction, and would use the knowledge to his advantage. He’d announced his intentions and she’d been unable to prove she had no feelings. In fact, the opposite was true.

She definitely had feelings for Logan Grant—and that was dangerous.

The temptation to throw away caution and drive over the speed limit coursed through her. What would it feel like to be claimed by such a powerful, attractive enigma? But it would be just sex. He’d quench his sense of challenge, bend her to his will, and move on. Logan had one priority, and that was business. The affair would end with the contract, and she’d lose her school due to a temporary physical weakness. And what about Richard? Would she be giving up an opportunity to have a real relationship to settle for a short affair?

Her mind stepped in and took control. Chandler took a step back and tilted her head back. “I can’t cry foul play.” She smiled tentatively. He smiled back. “But this doesn’t change anything. I can’t get involved with you.”

“What are you fighting so hard to protect?” he asked. “Who hurt you so badly?”

Her face closed off. Her eyes grew distant. “My past has nothing to do with my decision. I admit we have an attraction, but we don’t have to act on it. Can’t you see this is wrong?” she pleaded. “We’re too different. We belong in two different worlds. I can’t go back to yours, and you’d never be comfortable in mine. We would hurt one another, and I can’t sacrifice the Yoga and Arts Center to find out.”

Seconds ticked by and he never moved. Just raked his gaze over her face as if memorizing every inch, every last vulnerability, and cataloging it for the future. He grasped her wrist and pulled her hand to his mouth. Pressing a heated kiss to her palm, she fought the primitive urge to step into his arms and forget.

“Did you ever stop to think I need you in my world?” he murmured. “Have you ever saved a man from himself? I live in darkness, where deception and lies are at every turn. I learned to protect myself by being cold and hard, the only way I know to survive.” Raw emotion carved out his features. “You’re like the sunlight. You radiate heat and truth and all the good things in the world.” He paused. “Save me, Chandler.”

Her lower lip trembled. “I can’t,” she whispered.


Her voice broke. “I think I’m too late.”

“So be it. Here’s my truth. I want you. I’ll drag out every damn secret you have. I’ll stalk every hiding place, haunt your dreams at night, and make your body burn for mine. When you finally surrender, I’ll make you feel more pleasure than you’ve ever known.” He released her hand from his. “Be warned, sweetheart. Cards are on the table. Ante up.”

The clock ticked and she fought for composure. Somehow she’d unwillingly issued a challenge, and he’d do whatever necessary to make her surrender. The sudden flash of vulnerability in his eyes couldn’t be real. And she already knew she wasn’t enough of a woman to save Logan Grant.

He wanted to play business games, but he didn’t understand she was playing for higher stakes. Running would only make him pursue her more ferociously. She’d have to fight back with all the skills she’d learned from her father. Keep your opponent off balance at all times. Never underestimate your challenger. Always be one step ahead.

Logan was about to find out she’d be no easy conquest. She had too much to lose.

She took a step forward and reached for his hand. Slowly, she lifted his fingers to her lips, nibbling on the pad of his thumb, letting her tongue glide along the base. His muscles clenched. She heard the breath hiss through his teeth. With satisfaction, she dropped his hand from her mouth and stepped back once again. The surprise in his eyes made her lips curve in a smile. “Be warned, sweetheart. I was taught to play games by the best. I was also taught to win.” Chandler paused. “Ante up.”

Then she twisted the knob and stepped inside, firmly shutting the door behind her.


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    “If you love an alpha, brooding, dominant CEO hero; a stubborn, feisty, independent heroine; an opposites attract romance; and a classic love story – this one’s for you!”

    That IS the ONLY theme I read, well the hero doesn’t have to be an CEO but he MUST want the heroine more than air he breathes. Unfortunately, I don’t have a facebook but this book looks amazing. Keep up the good work!

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