Rejection and Confusion… | Jennifer Probst

Rejection and Confusion…

  1. Terri says:

    Gack! You are very, very far from being the worst writer in the world.

    We both know many writers, some multiple-published, whose words lay like leaden lox on the page. Yours sing, humming with light and bright. That talent is rare. This blog is a testament to that.

    That said, yes, when the whole world crushes your spirit, it’s hard to take. It’s especially hard when you hear of the success of someone who’s been at it for all of five minutes. But that’s how it goes.

    And, aside from friends and family and those funny little boys, there’s always ice cream!

  2. Wendy Marcus says:

    Hi Jen!

    Quick, go to this website:
    I find it very uplifting!

    And of course, when you put your heart and sole into a manuscript, a rejection feels personal. But consider this: You got a rejection from ONE editor in a sea of thousands. One person didn’t like your story. And who knows why. It could have been #13 in the pile, and she always rejects #13. She could have spilled her coffee on it, or accidentally deleted it. She could have been having a bad day and rejected everything in her inbox. My point is, just because you got a rejection doesn’t mean your story is bad. It just means you haven’t found the the right editor. She’s out there. Keep trying! And with regard to the short story market, who knows how they pick them. I submitted two and both were rejected. Yet some of the ones I’ve read were horrible.

    Cheer up and consider how lucky you are. You have a wonderful (if not demanding) family who loves you and good friends who care and support you!

  3. Jen, Rejection does suck. I believe it was Somerset Maughm who said he received enough to paper the walls of his study. Janet

  4. Kimberly says:

    I’m sorry you had a bad week. I think we have discussed before the rejections most writers face. It’s a tough business.
    But more important than any of those rejections could ever be is your willingness to keep trying.
    Don’t let it knock your optimism it’s one of your best qualities. I was just thinking the other day how I wish I was more like you in that aspect. I have seen your optimism shaken through the years but I’ve never seen it falter.
    I hope I never do.
    Besides you have to succeed I need some rich relations and friends to keep me from living in a box after I retire from my cubicle one day. lol

  5. Liz says:

    Rejection sucks but remember our conversation your first meeting back about why we write and we would write no matter what.

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