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New Years Clichés and My Lists

  1. Great blog to start off the new year! Being sad and depressed I can totally relate to. Glad that’s over for you. I love “May the words be with you.” Ain’t it the truth!

    Happy New Year!

    Cheryl G

  2. Lynn Kupser says:

    I so admire what I just read & so many of the things you had to say, what you accomplished this past year, & the fun ( & struggles) you had along the way! Let alone to you speak of them but you make them real for us your devoted reader also! I don’t know about your other fans, but as for me it makes you much more real to me! By bring your every day life into your newsletters & sharing just little bits & pieces of yourself & your family with us, I am able to relate to you Not Only as an Author that I adore but also as a person I can consider a friend!

    You have personally Emailed me, checking on my health status! Which I was so amazed by that wonderfully kind & caring moment you took out of your day just for me! Someone you don’t even know! It put me in Awe of you from that point on!
    I loved being a part of your Scavenger hunt! Four of the books I hid at work, I also included a special note of my own to go along with the note in the books from you. The basically said whom had hidden the books for them to fine & how I would really love it if after they read the book if they would do at least one of the following: 1) let me know what they thought of the book, 2) if they would ever purchase another of your books after reading the current one the found, 3) post at least one review on Amazon, Goodreads, &/or FB, 4) if they really loved the book to send you a personal message also! I have since spoken to all 4 of the book finders & One followed through on ALL FOUR OF OF MY REQUESTS, Two said they loved the book & would be buying more & would post a rewiew soon, and the last one simply said “Yeah it was pretty good but not really my kind of book”! So I feel that was a Very good response since I only knew 4 out of the 10 people who found your books! I gave away the 10th book & bought myself an Ebook just to be able to get one more free one out there!!
    I wish you & all of your family a Blessed & Wonderful New Year! And I look forward to reading as many New books you can possibly write!

    Thank you for everything again,

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank YOU Lynn for being a wonderful reader and for sharing those lovely words. Your support is priceless and those stats on the books you gave away are amazing!!! You have converted new readers which is key smooches and happy new year!!

  3. Diana says:

    Happy New Year to you too Jennifer!! I loved Your Married to a Billionaire series, (been though one of the characters name was my daughters (Maggie) and it was weird reading about her great sex life….lol and if that wasn’t enough the next book featured Max which is my sons name (just glad they weren’t a couple). In all seriousness totally enjoyed and looking forward to your next installment. On a personal note your resolution hits home for me too, have the same resolutions. I’m glad you included your favorite books of the year, nice to see what books your authors like. I too enjoyed and loved Songs of Submission by CD REISS thought they were very well crafted and of course hot. The Consequences series by Aleatha Romig was also a thril, (who thought I could love a basted like Tony Rawlings). Beautiful Bastard was the other one we had in common which I enjoyed. Thank you for sharing and I’ll be sure to check out the other books you loved. Looking forward to a great New Year!! Good Luck and stay strong and looking forward to reading more of your work in 2014!!!

  4. Happy New Year, darling! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you better this year. 🙂 Can’t wait for March and Sex on the Beach, and finally getting to meet you and Jen in person in May!

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Jenna! I cannot wait to meet you and it’s been an amazing time working with you – fun, easy and non stressful lol! Happy new year!

  5. Well, heck. I’m having a fan-girl moment. Thank you, Jennifer! What an honor! Hope to meet you sometime.

    • Jennifer says:

      Umm, omg, I just passed out with excitement and fan girl ing myself like a maniac. I adore your frikkin books so much!! Thanks for responding and thanks for your work!!

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