1. Aimee Carson says:

    Jen, I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face. Had to read to Dan, who laughed hard too (minus the tears).

    “I paid my 80$ – this should no longer be my problem.”


    Thanks for making my day!

    XO Aimee

  2. Garnet says:

    hi Jen, love the post! Definitely try karate, lil’ G goes and it is one of the best things I could have enrolled her in. Love to all, Garnet

  3. HI Aimee! I’m so glad I could give you a laugh, and I loved that you shared it with Dan. Thanks, as always, for your support and friendship!

  4. HI Garnet! OK, karate it is! So glad you enjoyed the post and I hope you are doing well. Next time when G and Jake get together, they can practice their moves – lol!

  5. Been there, have holes in the t-shirt, LOL

    My boys love Taekwondo but I still have those “I paid X, this should no longer be my problem” moments 🙂

  6. Kimberly says:

    God Bless all mothers and fathers on the sidelines of these activities. I truly can’t imagine how you all do it. Just thinking of it makes me tired lol

  7. Danielle Nelson says:

    Oh boy, Jen! This is hilarious!! Especially considering I went to Day 1 of soccer with Kyle today! So funny!!

  8. Jen, The joys and challenges of motherhood. Share a little bit with you. A friend’s son was a great tennis player and offered to teach my boys the game. Scott didn’t have a problem but Larry gave up on Keith when he hit the ball over the high school. No more tennis lessons.

  9. omgosh… you made me snort my drink… thanks for the laughs… I hope you have a super week! heehee’s that was great jen…

  10. unikorna says:

    wow I love your writing…you sure know how to play with your words. Too bad you post so rarely on your blog.

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