Life, Love, and Moonstruck

  1. Wendy says:

    Great post Jennifer! I 100% agree with you on Moonstruck! I am a sucker for it every time! In fact, I may just have to go home and watch it again tonight. It is one of those movies that gives me the butterflies in my stomach! I always look for the “why” in great story telling & great characters. I think knowing the “why” always makes it so much more!

  2. Laura says:

    Hi Jen,
    I really loved your books.
    I’m currently on searching on someday and can’t wait to see the next stories
    And if I can make a request, can you make a story for Wolfe and Izzy with their partner?
    Will love to read that

  3. Janet Rossetti says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I ran across your post this morning while searching for my most beloved quotes from moonstruck. So nice to find someone who loves this movie as I do. I have never been able to sit down & articulate the way you have, just what are the points that pique my soul .
    There is a constant thread of passion in this movie that runs deep, wide recklessly through the entire fabric of families & characters and their collective lives.

    I have to ask you, if I start reading your work will I find the humour & the imperfections so characteristic of all the characters in moonstruck ?

    Loved reading your analysis !
    Janet Rossetti

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m so thrilled you found my post on my favorite movie! And yes, Janet, you will find that same exact humor and outlook in all of my books – I hope you check them out! Thanks for stopping by! Jen

  4. Nancy Trimper says:

    Moonstruck is my all-time favorite movie. The couple who have the store ,although just a small part of the movie, are so real. They look just like the people you see that have always lived in the North End of Boston before it became an expensive Yuppie haven!

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