Graduation… | Jennifer Probst


  1. Terri says:

    Another winner! I love this blog, I love your way with words, I love your wonder and bafflement at your kids, I love Jake! Typical (little) man.

  2. Wendy Marcus says:

    Hi Jen!
    Very funny! And don’t think you won’t see those day care parents anymore. They seem to pop up when you least expect them. My children are 13, 16, and 18 and I still get the occasional odd look….”Happy Hours, right?” Yes. Happy Hours was the name of the day care! I have tons of pictures from day care. One in particular of my youngest daughter and her best boyfriend in the whole world. He was her first date (at age 4. We’re a very progressive family!) His mom called and said, “Dillon doesn’t want a birtday party he only wants to have Rachel over. Don’t worry, my husband will be in the pool with them.” I said, “I’m not worried, because my husband will be there too!!!” (Like I’d send my 4-year-old out on her own!!!) Anyway, Rachel (and her dad) had a great time. Turns out he went to a different elementary school than my daugher. Today, age 13, in Junior High, the two don’t even talk. It’s kind of sad. His mom and I ran into each other at a track meet and spent a while discussing it!

  3. Jen, You’ll be putting that scene in a book someday.

  4. rosemary conlon says:

    Jen – I finally got onto your blog just in time to read that great story of graduation. Mom had told me about it and I got a good laugh but reading it–well, it’s always such a pleasure to read your writing. Of course I’m prejudiced–I’m family! Keep blogging.Love, Aunt Roe

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