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Do It…With A Billionaire…Again!

April 20, 2013

I originally thought the Marriage Mistake was my final book in my marriage to a billionaire series.
But when I created my fab workaholic CEO Julietta, and left her without a happy ever after, I couldn’t sleep.
Then Sawyer Wells popped into Marriage Mistake and tried to wrestle the scene away from my hunky hero Maximus. I beat him off, but he stayed firmly in my head, commanding me to give him his own woman.

So, I did.

The Marriage Merger hits stands on July 30th and is up for pre-order now! (Sigh..don’t you love the cover?)

This was truly one of my all time favorite books to write. I’ll be scheduling tons of guest blog stops which I’ll post here.
Is this the final book? Will there be anything new on the horizon?

So glad you asked…

Another character appeared in Merger who captured my heart, and he’ll be getting his own story but I’m not saying another word. Not until you read the book.

Mark your calendars for my brand new series that will feature both new characters AND the ones we love from the marriage series.

Searching for Someday hits stores everywhere December 10th! (I can’t stop looking at this cover either)


Searching for Beautiful hits stores everywhere May 2014! (Wait till you hear who’s story it’s about!)

Don’t forget to pre-order both.

Happy April!

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  1. Karen Triolo says:

    Can’t wait for the book!! I’m going to have to re-read the others again!

  2. Sue says:

    Yay! All preordered!!

  3. Christie Parks says:

    Can’t wait

  4. rubyswan says:

    *wow*! I’m L@@king 4 a New love babee 4 sure:)!

  5. Sharon Cooper says:

    I can’t wait for the Marrige Merger!!!

  6. Laura says:

    Love the whole series!! Already pre ordered:)

  7. Jennifer says:

    So looking forward to reading Julietta’s story it was the first thing I thought of when I finished reading the Marriage Mistake. Great series. 🙂

  8. Lucy says:

    Can’t wait for the Merger. Maximus has been my favorite, but I did like the
    way sawyer operated.

  9. Misha says:

    I love the series! I have read the other three books twice each! I was very intrigued by Sawyer, and by Julietta. Maximus is my all time fave though!

  10. Christina says:

    I love your books. Am currently reading marriage merger. I just want to know if Venezia has her own book? I might have missed it. Also, am soooo looking forward to reading the next series you have.

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Christina! No I never did a story for Venezia since she married Dominick already and they were together for a long time. But the story of Wolfe will be coming next year!

  11. salma says:

    Does Wolfe have his own book ? Do you have a date of release ?

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Salma! Yes Wolfe’s book is Searching for Beautiful and coming May 2015 it should be up for preorder soon!

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