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Hello!  Before you get too comfortable, I need to disclose that I’m not Jennifer. We have taken over each other’s blogs today, so while I’m here entertaining you, she’s over at my blog doing some entertaining of her own.  We’ve decided to share some mommy writer stories with each other’s readers. Because Jennifer is hilarious and […]

November 30, 2012

The Blog Takeover…

First off, congratulations to Liz, who scored herself a trade paperback copy of The Marriage Trap via her twitter post. Second, Happy book birthday to the second installment in the Marriage to a Billionaire series! To kick off the week, there are two places to enter to win a copy of The Marriage Trap for […]

October 2, 2012

Release Day for The Marriage Trap!

I am thrilled to celebrate my print debut of The Marriage Bargain for September 4th, and I’m giving away a Kindle Fire with a gift card to buy lots of goodies! How do you win? Gather as many points as possible for a better chance. How do you gain points? Ah, let me count the […]

September 4, 2012

The Print Debut of The Marriage Bargain is Here! Win a Kindle Fire and Gift Card…

I’m a makeover show junkie. Perhaps that’s another reason I’m drawn to the theme of the ugly duckling turning into the swan in romance novels and life. I have seen movies galore about the nerdy girl transforming herself and catching the eye of the football star. Of course, he realizes he’d been an ass all […]

November 6, 2011

How Do I Look?