“Your Baby Is Ugly!” – Let’s Talk About Horrible Reader Reviews on Your Book… | Jennifer Probst

“Your Baby Is Ugly!” – Let’s Talk About Horrible Reader Reviews on Your Book…

  1. Thanks for sharing this. As a beginner author, I still struggle with some reviews and I don’t know how I would react to a review this bad. Good thing you turned into something that can be a lesson for you and for others. well done!

  2. Oh Probst, what I wouldn’t give to pour us a glass of wine or 3 right now and hunker down in sweat pants and messy hair. You’re so right, the vicious reviews happen to all of us, and the enthusiasm with which some reviewers broadcast their loathing of a book can catch even the most seasoned of authors off guard! Shaking it off is all you can do–you can’t actually change the book they hated it, even if you wanted to (and you shouldn’t want to–it’s YOUR book, and you did your best by it)

    I actually keep a page of “inspirational quotes” in my notebook for moments when a review sneaks beneath my defenses (though, mostly I try not to read them!) Teddy Roosevelt’s The Man in the Arena is one of my favorites, as is the short but poignant: “You are not for everyone.”

    No matter what you write, no matter how you write it, there will always be someone who hates your book, hates your voice, and who wants to tell the world about it. It’s almost freeing to remember there’s always going to be a hater or a hundred–because the second you realize you can’t do anything perfectly right, you also realize you can’t do anything perfectly wrong!

    Thanks for sharing your experience and reminding us that reviews are always just one person’s opinion; one reader’s “keeper self!” book will be another reader’s “juvenile trash” (a kind description of one my books, recently).


    Keep on telling your beautiful stories. The world needs them.

  3. Paris Hansen says:

    Thank you for posting this. I struggled with getting over the bad reviews after my first book. I was already in a bad place and I let them really get in my head. Now that I’ve finally published book two, I’m worried that I’ll let bad reviews bog me down again. So scared that I am finding it difficult to market the second book. This post has given me a lot to remember and thing about.

  4. Ellen DeCrescenzo says:

    For those of us non-authors who have spent a lifetime reading books, “Write Naked” gives us tremendous insight as to how a good story is constructed.Your wisdom and knowledge shines through!

    Bravo Jen!


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