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Writing Romance, Posh, and a Party…

April 26, 2016


Happy Tuesday, peeps!

So, I have a confession.

I love shopping. And fashion. And pretty, glossy, big magazines with all the new trends.

This surprises many people because I’m also the girl who rolls out of bed, sticks her hair in a clip, and runs out. I wear pants with no zippers, super large old t-shirts, and sport bare feet. I would not be called a fashion or style icon. I’m just a writer.

But I don’t care. I like to look. When I do eventually go out, I like to wear fun, coordinated outfits that show my personality. I love bling and purses. I love shoes, but unfortunately I can’t wear heels, and I have a small collection of gorgeous shoes I take out, put on, and walk around my room in. Then they go back in the box. My poor feet just can’t handle them anymore like they did when I worked a 9 to 5 day job and used to be one of the best dressed in the office.

Oh, well,

So, imagine my joy when I found a way to combine my fashion love with online shopping, AND my books? Simply put, it’s the perfect love affair…

I am a Posh addict. What is Poshmark you ask? A community of women who sell items from their closet online. You can find anything on there, at great prices, but the best part is the extraordinary women who have created businesses, made money, and support one another doing what they love.

With my book, Summer Sins, Storme is a fashion designer who uses Poshmark and I’ve included some fab closets I follow within the book for fun.

Tonight, I’m co-hosting my first online party with romance novels as the theme – Downtown Romantic! Click on the link below and join me at 7-9pm PACIFIC time or 10 – Midnight EASTERN time to hang out, shop, and chat. My closet is @authorjpro to follow me. You can sign up for a FREE account and if you use code JAGEU you get ten bucks off if you decide to order anything, but this is NOT something where I get commission or you have to buy anything from.

Follow my picks on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #jensposhpicks. My IG handle is @authorjenniferprobst

You can also pop over to my Pinterest page to view items I loved in my Posh Closet.

Looking forward to drinking some wine, shopping online, and saying hello to everyone tonight!



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