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Writing Conferences and Why They’re Essential to Get to the Next Level…

October 12, 2016



I just came back from California from the InD’scribe conference.

It was literally one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended.

Now, I have spoken many times about the power of networking, and the importance of stretching our boundaries to go and do things that scare us—in life and in writing.

Attending a writer’s conference is critical to growth, no matter what stage of your writing career. When I first started out, and I struggled to find the time to write, and felt as if I was the only one out there with fears and anxieties about this industry and what I was doing, I took a huge chance and attended the RWA Orlando conference.

It changed my life. I used my savings and instead of getting a new kitchen floor I can actually walk on, I went to the conference with my husband’s blessing. I got so much more than a floor.

I received the courage and enthusiasm to keep going and reach a higher level of productivity. I returned home and decided to commit to making my writing a career rather than a beloved hobby I wanted to eventually make money with. I was inspired by bestselling authors I admired. I met people who became beloved friends; friends I can email to this day with anything I need and I will always get a response. I learned about craft. I came home rejuvenated, and one year later, my book The Marriage Bargain went viral and everything changed.

This time, I attended InD’scribe as a veteran, humbled to be able to give one of the keynote speeches and share my own knowledge. It was a smaller type conference rather than the overwhelming RWA and RT conventions I usually attend, and I knew fewer authors.

Now, as many of you know, I’m truly a hermit. Crowds sometimes overwhelm me, especially if I don’t know anyone. That first night, the Enchanted Ball was going on, and I huddled in my room beforehand, wondering if I should stay in my room and write, because of course, I am once again on DEADLINE HELL.

But I remembered the words I was speaking to everyone—if it scares you, just do it. I decided I would just go out there and meet new people.

And I did. The moment I got there, I was befriended by an author who I’d met at a previous conference and immediately got involved in a conversation. One of my fave people in the world, Catherine Bybee, quickly dragged me inside and introduced me to everyone I didn’t know.

The rest, they say, is history.

I tore up the dance floor. I made friends for LIFE. I met authors who I always knew I’d love but never got the opportunity to meet, like Marina Adair and Debra Menard.

I learned all about archetypes and how important they are, in both life and developing new characters. I made a secret, special pinky promise at the author’s lunch with the people at my table we now call the “Moonies.” You’ll have to wait to see what unfolds but you don’t want to miss all of our next books. My “Moonies” crew is Catherine Bybee, Marina Adair, Shelly Alexander, Julie L. York, Diana Orgain, and Sofia St. Angeles.



I met the most amazing authors I’ve either wanted to meet or haven’t seen in way too long, including Maggie Marr, Rachel van Dyken, Suzan Tisdale, Kathryn Le Veque, Jennifer Ashley, and Marina Marinova.

Thanks to Lisa Becker for the beautiful purse I won, gifting me her book, and being my BFF LOL!

I was blown away by a tarot card reading by the talented Ariel, who I am so grateful to for taking time to share her talent.

And TJ Mackay was the star. She put the conference together with her team and it was top rate. From the amazing dragon in the ballroom, gorgeous table centerpieces, delicious author’s luncheon, amazing workshops, and throwing beautiful, fun parties – I felt coddled and adored.

This conference allowed me to take quality time with authors and readers, and in this day and age, it’s a gift.

Yes, we love our houses and offices and hate going out into the big, bad world. But it’s important we do, because when we return to our beloved sanctuaries, we are BETTER. We are more creative, have more friends, and more to give to our stories.

Thank you to everyone who made me feel special, and I know for a fact I wasn’t able to mention everyone.

Now, I’m getting my ass back to work to make this deadline!

For everyone else, go book yourself a conference to attend.

You won’t regret it.

Oh, BTW: Searching for Disaster is now available everywhere for only $2.99! It can be read as a complete standalone so no worries if you haven’t started the series. The premise? Think one hot cop, one reformed addict, a one-night stand, and two terror puppies.



What can go wrong, right?




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  1. Liz says:

    Glad you had a great time! I love smaller conferences. I’ll be at the NJRWA conference Friday and Saturday. I’m so looking forward to it!

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