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August 11, 2023

I’ve been writing since I was twelve years old. And now I’m the author of over 50 books, multiple bestsellers, with over 2 million worldwide sold.

But I’ve never done this before.

Written an entire book chapter by chapter…live.

In the writing world, authors are labeled plotters or pantsers. I couldn’t plot myself out of any situation, so I’m in the latter group. I term myself an organic writer. Which means I show up at the page with a very faint idea of where the story is going, but am totally open to see which way my characters want to go.

This could be a good thing or bad thing. Those hidden roads are sometimes the best surprises. It also has taught me to trust my Muse and subconscious, where the greatest of my creativity lurks. But occasionally, I write myself into a dead end or corner and need to get out of it. Perhaps, the excitement and adventure of chasing the story is part of why I never intend to retire!

What readers do not see is the work behind the finished story. I work with a very detailed, very hard nosed, very talented developmental editor. I work with cover designers, proofreaders, publicity departments, and blurb writers, even when I’m self-publishing a book. It’s a team effort.

But I wanted to try something different. Reader apps have become big, and as the industry changes, I refuse to be left behind. I was excited to bring my loyal readers something fresh, and court all the new readers in the world who hadn’t read me yet.

So, I decided to write an ongoing serial story for Kindle Vella. What’s Vella?

It’s just a story told in chapters. Very simple. Every Sunday and Wednesday I drop a new chapter of the book and continue until the book is done. Whenever it’s done.

I have a fierce love for Bravo reality television, and have been obsessed with Vanderpump Rules from the first episode. I love the angst, and glamour and watching a close crowd of friends grow up together, make mistakes, fight, make-up, fall in love, and hurt one another. Then forgive.

I’m also a classic Dawson’s Creek fan *Team Pacey all the way!*

My newest discovery binge I’m obsessed with is Tell Me Lies on Hulu. It’s about a college student who falls for a bad boy and the rocky journey she goes on. I loved the book by Carola Lovering and it’s a fabulous read.

These type of stories remind me of being fully alive, with new life experiences, love, friendship and career exploding around you. And I wanted to write one. I also love to use music and pair each chapter with certain songs. The theme song is Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift so if you love that song, definitely give this a try.

Yearn is fan fiction, loosely based on Vanderpump Rules with my own unique voice and writing style.

But what is truly different is the format.

Every week, as you read each chapter, it’s being given to you RAW. No developmental editor. No major content changes. I’m writing as I go, letting the characters speak to me, and taking reader engagement.

What character do you want to hear from next? What would you like to see happen? What do you hate and love about the story?

Comments are encouraged. Likes are appreciated. Favoriting my story is EVERYTHING. The more people see my story, the better the ranking, and the more I can write for you.

This is an ongoing saga that’s bingeworthy and super sexy and I hope you come along for the ride.

If you’ve never tried Vella, just hop on Amazon, go to Kindle Vella, and read YEARN. You automatically get over 200 free coins so you can read a bunch of chapters for free and see if you like it. And then interact with me along the way.

It’s scary for me. It’s different.

But the best things in life often are, right?

Click here and read the first 17 chapters NOW!





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