The Sure Fire Way to Create Extraordinary Characters… | Jennifer Probst

The Sure Fire Way to Create Extraordinary Characters…

  1. Yvonne Cruz says:

    You had me smiling. I am a Puerto Rican who will talk to EVERYONE. My Iowan Techie Guy, (dear , sweet hubbby) has gotten use to me striking a conversation with someone in the elevator, and by the time we all get out, I know their names, where they are from , etc. This past July I was with him in Paris. He wasn’t feeling well one day, and I bundled him up in the hotel and off I went. Hey, it was Paris!!! I am in line to enter the Orsay Museum, and struck a conversation with the young couple visiting from San Francisco. Somehow the conversation turned to airlines and I said I had worked as a supervisor at a few major airports for an airline. The gal behind me got into the conversation. She was visiting with her granddaughter. We discovered I had worked with a gal that had been her roommate and by the time we got into the museum it felt we all knew each other. Definitely 6 degrees of separation. So, we really should take a moment and meet someone. You will not only be enriched by the experience, but you never know, you might be the other persons brightest moment of the day.

  2. danielle says:

    Love it!!

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