The New Year: Resolutions, Writing, and Promises We Won’t Keep | Jennifer Probst

The New Year: Resolutions, Writing, and Promises We Won’t Keep

  1. wkonsunshine says:

    Very sane resolutions, Jennifer. I don’t often make resolutions because I’m prone to break them. I just want to get started and keep in perpetuation motion that’s my resolution. We seem to have had some similar experiences. I had some great time off and read a ton of books too. I learned to play Aggravation with my 8 year old and was soundly beat. When did he get so smart. My time off was a gift and I was smiling and excited to return to work. And do you know what? Even though my plans for week dramatically changed, I smiled and rolled with the punches. Now that’s the measure of a great vacation for me.

    • Jennifer says:

      I love that! Yes, another reminder that refilling the well is good for everyone, especially our family and mental health!! Happy New year!

  2. bluedragon30 says:

    Christmas Vacation was long and wonderful at my house, too. I don’t usually make resolutions, but I remind myself that the new year is a new slate and a time of happy beginnings. Sooooo, maybe I’ll make it to the gym more than I did last year, and maybe I’ll walk on my lunch hour rather than read (doubtful! lol) but our family has definite plans for more family time – camping & hiking – so things are looking promising for 2016! Happy New Year!

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