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On Grief…

  1. Yvonne Cruz says:

    First, I am so very sorry for your losses this past year. Life is precious and we have to remember to embrace that everyday , even every second. I learned that lesson when I was 15 and my Dad unexpectedly passed away. A real wake up call , especially when I ended up taken the role of the adult, even when an adult was still physically present. So we need to remember to give hugs and thanks for what we have at the moment

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    This is post was the first one I’d received from you and it broke my heart for you. It is so true that until you experience the loss of someone you love (be it human or not), you can’t quite comprehend the pain and grief.
    Thank you for sharing this and especially for sharing how those reaching out to you helped you. I’m a believer in spreading positive vibes and kindness whenever we can and it warms my heart to know so many people reached out to you. We can’t all be positive all of the time and so we need those who can be to reach out to us when we can’t.
    I’m very sorry for your losses and my heart goes out to you and to all of those who have experienced such pain.

  3. Emily says:

    Sorry for your loss… know that you will always hold them in your heart even if your mind fails to remember… seeing you go on with your life will bring them peace… it is always alright to cry everytime you remember things about them….

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