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My Turn The Page Signing Experience in Boonsboro!

April 17, 2015


Happy End of Tax Season, peeps!

I had the pleasure of being able to sign at Turn the Page Bookstore this past weekend in Boonsboro – with the amazing Nora Roberts. When I was young, I used to read Nora’s books and clutch them against my chest because I loved them so hard. I dreamed even then about possibly being a writer decent enough to have a few readers as fans, and maybe make them feel the way Nora made me feel.

To actually sit in her bookstore, among other talented, fabulous authors, signing our books and chatting with the long line of readers wrapped around the store was…well, out of this world. Also humbling. Also the experience of a lifetime.


I already knew and had read most of the authors there, so besides their work I got to laugh and chat with them. Here’s the list!

Robin Kaye (who sat next to me and became my new best friend!), Christine Trent, Adam Pelzman, Shayla Black (who I always wanted to stalk and now can!), Kat Martin, and Nora Roberts (the coolest person on Earth!)

The Inn Boonsboro was even better than I ever expected. The staff were amazing, serving us gourmet breakfast of Belgian waffles, blueberry walnut oatmeal, quiche, fresh fruit, and endless coffee. The Inn boasts of specialized rooms, each named after a famous literary couple, which each decorated to show off the theme.


We stayed at the Marguerite and Percy room from the Scarlet Pimpernel. The lush, details were stunning, and the bed linens were so soft and comfortable, I ended up sleeping much more than anticipated! The library has a wall to wall bookshelf with books signed from the authors who have been there before me. A decanter of Irish whiskey is there for the patrons to drink while they read and relax on the leather chairs. The lounge area is stocked with any romantic DVD you can imagine with a fully stocked refrigerator. The porch overlooks Main Street, with unique gift shops, pubs and the bookstore. They also host a wine and cheese event each day.



After the signing we headed to the bakery and ate Napoleons fresh from the oven. We feasted at Dan’s pub with a huge group of authors and readers, and relived the excitement of the day.


We even encountered the ghost. Yes, the ghost.

My assistant and I watched doors open on their own and refuse to shut when we wanted them to. When we closed our blinds, one of the windows would slowly open back up, no matter how many times we closed them. He/she was friendly but a definite presence. I felt well taken care of!

Simply put, it was a perfect trip.

Searching for Someday now rests on the bookshelf at the Inn Boonsboro. A dream has been fulfilled.


It only makes me want to work that much harder to fulfill the expectations of my readers and encourage everyone to go after their dreams!

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  1. Liz Matis says:

    How cool! So glad you had a great time! And I would have loved to stay in that room.

  2. Donna P says:

    The book signings are always so much fun. It was nice to meet you and have you sign Searching for Someday for me. Glad to see the author’s get just as excited as we readers do. Hope you are able to come back in the future. Would love to see you again.

  3. It all sounds so wonderful! I hope someday I get to do a book signing with You Jennifer!

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