Dream Chasing and Happy Thanksgiving

November 23, 2015

It’s almost Thanksgiving! I love that this is my son’s favorite holiday. Somehow, even young he recognizes family, friends, and incredible food are the basic items in life to make everyone happy. That just doesn’t come in a box with pretty paper.

I’ve been off and on my blog this year because of my heavy writing deadlines. I like to drop in though because it’s here I get to share my random thoughts, or life experiences, or touch base with everyone in between newsletters and Facebook posts.

First off, with all the sad things happening in the world, I decided I wanted to do one thing for good and to show the kindness in people. Click on this link for the Tag A Friend For Charity post. It’s very simple – you give something to one charity of your choice and tag a friend to do the same. I’m hoping to touch a lot of people during this time where we all need a smile on our face and charities need our hard earned dollars.



Second, I was fortunate to be able to visit Hollywood during my niece’s Showcase weekend. She’s trying to get into theater and acting, so this was a way for her to perform and get noticed by various talent agencies or agents.

What struck me throughout the weekend over and over was the dedication and passion of so many people in the room. Young people. Oh, the parents were total wrecks – but the kids there to make an impression reached deep and brought it. From spending hours in line, crazy schedules, wardrobe changes, endless monologues, runway shows, and meetings galore, it was a jam packed three days that was NOT for the faint of heart.

Since I knew I wanted to be a writer from the time I could read, I was fascinated by studying this group of kids who had been pulled to this industry that was passionate, competitive and heartbreaking. Like writing.

We were told over and over that my niece had shined bright, but she needed more experience. She needed to learn craft, and keep showing up. She had to keep her eye on the prize and not give up. Like writing.

There were many kids who were much better than my niece. There were many kids who didn’t perform as well as my niece. And again, it reminded me of writing.

All creative pursuits have one thing in common. The dedication and pursuit of craft in the face of every conceivable obstacle. Including ourselves.

A trip like this reminds me to dig deep and keep forging along. It also reminds me of that young, starry eyed girl full of passion and promise, determined to make it in the big scary world.

Thanksgiving is a good time to thank everyone who helped me along the way. To thank my readers, and bloggers, and friends, and family. The road goes up and down, has tons of bumps, and sometimes a gorgeous, big hill where you can coast for a long, long time with a smile on your face and the wind caressing your face.

Yeah, sometimes you crash at the end of the hill.

Sometimes, not.

Either way, it’ s a hell of a ride.

Love to all of you.


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  1. Diana Garey says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Jen, and thanks for all of your wonderful books!! I am thankful for wonderful authors like you who keep me in books to read!!

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