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A Writer’s Truth…

August 16, 2018

I was driving home from dinner with my boys and peeked in the rear-view mirror.

My youngest had rested his head in my older son’s lap. My older son was looking down at him with a tender expression, stroking his hair. The evidence of brotherly love was carved into my son’s features, and I felt my heart explode in my chest and splinter into too many pieces. At that moment, I realized I was looking at the symbol of everything good in my life. My two boys, loving each other, at peace. Safe.

I knew it was a moment to treasure because it would change in a heartbeat. It was full of fragility.

But damned if I didn’t hold that moment as tight as a Mama bear could, and hug it into my very memory.

That, my peeps, is a mother’s truth.

I’ve read amazing books from authors who have been able to express that type of emotion and what those fleeting moments mean. How being a parent allows you to be the very best of yourself…and the worst. How to love another human being so much it’s an actual physical pain and fear that never goes away. Motherhood is full of so many complicated emotions, I could write about it the rest of my life and never tire or get bored.

On Friday, August 17th, my newest release, The Charm of You, hits all retailers. It was a beautiful book to write because it was a gift. I’ve been struggling with writing lately so this story not only flowed, but gave me my joy of writing back.

Yesterday, I received a message from one of my readers who scored an advanced copy. Besides gushing about how much she loved the book, she took the time to highlight a particular passage that struck her. She used the hashtag #truth. I could tell it had affected her and she’d remember that line.

This is what it said:

“I think we forget to stop and experience the totality of what we’re given, you know? I don’t want to waste my time. I want to pause and revel in the physical and emotional pieces of my moments, even if they’re jagged and sometimes painful.” She paused as if picking through her thoughts to better describe herself. He held his breath, studying the flickering expressions on her beautiful face. “Books make it easy to feel and be vulnerable. That’s probably why I love reading so much.”

When I re-read those words I’d written, I was struck by the truth. Yes, I’d written it from the viewpoint of my heroine, but it’s something I believed in my soul. It had come out in my work, to share with the world, without my knowledge. I was able to funnel such deep feelings and emotions because I always try to write with my heart and soul open.

I write naked.

I count myself humbled to be in the small percentage of the world that is able to share words and stories that may be relevant to others. Artists, teachers, lecturers can all share such a gift. We must treasure this ability. Hone it. Sharpen it. Practice it. Embrace it.

These are the moments that make a difference. The moments we tuck into ourselves to take out and mull over; treasure; re-live in the dark days or endless nights when we feel alone and need something to cling to.

It’s our truth.

Be proud to share your truth with the world.

After all, this is a writer’s job. Treat it with care because these things may be strong, but they are also incredibly fragile and fleeting.

Doesn’t this make it worth treasuring?

Doesn’t this make it worth sharing?

I say, hell yes.

Go write your truth. Not tomorrow, or next week. Right now.

We need it.

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  1. Jody holford says:

    Your words and thoughts always seem to come at the perfect moments when I need something to hang onto.

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