I love examining everyone’s top rated items for the year, whether it be books, movies, songs, or moments. There’s something about getting a fresh viewpoint that reminds me of how everyone sees things differently, and to consistently try new things. I’ve been doing my own top ten (or five, or whatever) list for a […]

December 26, 2016

The Best of 2016 According to Me…

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who helped make 2012 one of the most special years of my life. The little romance that could stormed the charts thanks to the wonderful readers and The Marriage Bargain ended up being listed as #6 for Amazon’s Best Books of 2012 and a Goodreads Choice […]

December 31, 2012

A New Year’s Message

My son and I went on a movie marathon, watching the first three Star Wars movies. I was completely enthralled that I loved them just as much the 100th time watching, but the most fun was sharing the series with my little one and getting to explain the plot, now that all six have finally […]

December 23, 2011

Let The Words Be With You…