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Ah, release days. Your book birthday. The day you sent your baby into the world to be cooed over…or slaughtered. The day you realize it’s time to let go—that your book no longer belongs to you and never will again. I’ve had good release days and bad. Want to know how to guarantee a good […]

June 6, 2018

The Top Five Ways to Guarantee A Perfect Release Day…by Jennifer Probst

IT’S BEEN A HELL OF A YEAR. I RELEASED NINE BOOKS. Searching for Beautiful and Searching for Always – two of my all time favorite books I ever wrote. I launched two huge promo campaigns to celebrate – the Bride on the Run, and Searching for Rescues.       An installment in the Rising […]

December 22, 2015

From My Family to Yours…

First, some housekeeping. A big thank you to my readers and Posse and fellow authors from the Sex on the Beach series. You made Beyond Me hit number 1 on Barnes and Noble and kept it in the top 100 of Amazon for the week. You guys seriously rock. Second, I’m gearing up to celebrate […]

March 11, 2014

Life, Love, and Moonstruck

Big News and A Love Letter The last few months have been a wild ride, with my little romance novel I adored so much, finally finding its way to readers who love it as much as I do. I am consistently humbled and honored by the fan mail I’ve been receiving regarding my characters, Nick […]

June 2, 2012

Big News and A Love Letter