It’s Thursday, past hump day. Things have been a bit tough on the home front. Let’s have some fun and talk about theme songs.  If anyone is around my age, you watched the popular show, Allie McBeal, which only confirmed your absolute certainty that dating and men were crap, and Mr. Right will always screw […]

October 7, 2010

Theme Songs for Mothers, Children, Writing and Life

Good morning, my peeps. It’s Sunday again and time for six sentences. Here is a quickie (Pardon the Pun) from my novella, The Tantric Principle. “Are you ready for me?” Her breath hitched at his low throated question, his breath hot in her ear. Arianna managed a half hearted nod and prayed the students couldn’t […]

October 3, 2010

Six Sentence Sundays…

I have a shut down problem. I firmly believe the term “shut down” should be added to that big medical book of ailments. This condition is real and completely underrated. It is more powerful than originally thought, because it does not affect the physical body but the MIND. Reminds me of Einstein’s famous theory:  “ […]

October 1, 2010

Shut Down, and other Common Ailments of the Working Mother/Writer

This is my new favorite expression.  When I guiltily watch episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress”  the bridal consultant tells  his associate to “jack up” the bride to close the sale. This consists of putting on jewelry, a veil and giving her hair an upsweep. Suddenly, the bride is transformed and the dress seems […]

September 24, 2010


Ah, Sunday has arrived. I am celebrating since “The Tantric Principle” has been completed – now onward to revisons before shipping to the editor. Here is a quick excerpt  from the beginning.  “Wouldn’t want to see you…needy.”  She cursed herself the moment the words left her lips.  The thread of fire that always pulsed between […]

September 19, 2010

Six Sentence Sundays…