Write True

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New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst teaches a surprising key to success in the romance industry: truth.

Write True intermingles personal essays on craft and being a career author with down-to-earth advice on writing romance in the digital age. Probst will teach you how to:

  • Handle and overcome fear using solid, step-by-step advice.
  • Pivot in an ever-changing industry. 
  • Write fast moving, riveting dialogue.
  • Create description and setting that pop. 
  • Master the keys to being a successful career author in the romance genre.
  • Develop heroes and heroines that captivate readers.
  • Seed and develop a popular series.
  • Discover unique ways to market and build your platform.

In today’s ever-changing, competitive industry, connecting with your writing and story truths is key to sustaining a joyful, successful writing career. To survive—and thrive—you need the help and wisdom of an expert. It’s time to discover your truth as a storyteller.

Written in Probst’s unmistakable and honest voice, Write True is filled with lessons, craft, and truthful advice every writer needs to succeed.

Don’t just write.

Write true.

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