My son wore Spiderman pajamas to school. They had wings. They were way too small on him and hit about mid-calf. They were similar to footie pajamas since they were one piece, but without the actual feet. He’s in middle school. Not elementary. Yeah. See, when he informed me of his plan to wear them […]

October 4, 2018

All About Character…

I brought my kids to McDonalds last week to play. It was a rainy day, we had been vacationing like crazy, and I just wanted to sip my coffee in peace and read my Kindle while they trashed another place other than my house. So, I sat in my booth with my feet propped up […]

September 6, 2011


            Sometimes, when you fall madly, deeply in love, there is a voice inside of you whispering, “You will never find another one like him.” The voice is right. You can never replace the first true love, whether it is a child or a mate. But I have learned something wonderful throughout the years.               […]

February 14, 2011

The Second Time Around…