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Buffy and the Carrot

A Family-Friendly Story

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Sometimes, you need a story to make you laugh. 

Buffy the rabbit loves playing with his friends at the farm, but Buffy is still a lonely rabbit. He wants someone special to share his life. One day, Buffy finds a very special carrot and knows it is true love! 

He names his carrot, Julianna. The other bunnies make fun of him and won’t play with him anymore. Buffy doesn’t care; he only needs Julianna to make him happy. One day, a storm ravages the farm and damages all the food. Buffy looks for food at his friends’ house, but they won’t let him in since he’s still with Julianna. 

Buffy grows hungrier and hungrier. Whatever will he do? He looks at his one true love and makes a decision. 

Buffy and the Carrot will become a favorite in your family library. 

"Buffy and the Carrot by Jennifer Probst and Taylor Probst is a delightful story with a surprise ending." - Janet Lane Walters, author of the YA fantasy series, The Henge Betrayed: Book 1 Flight and Refuge

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